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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer- there are no pics. This is a story of hardships, losses and victories, where Battles were fought for no actual reason but for the sake of fighting. Unfortunately there are no pictures because i didnt expect this whole turn of events to happen one after another. All that Will be written here actually happened, no modification was made to the events. This tale begins in the campaign selection, not sure what to play to just try out the game i decide to play britannia, i go Over the choices and it says "strong pikemen" for Scotland, good enough of a reason to me, Turn on hard mode and let's go. Game starts, i take a look at graphics, could be worse, i select a village, right click buildings to see what they do,queue random buildings and check my finances,i dont take a deep look and i figure they probably decent,realized later on i was already negative at start.I see some dudes on map, i figured spies or something like that, i click one, says merchant, Over mouse in picture "right click to show Info" , i right click, no Info is shown, same for the diplomat, still dont know their actions. I look for my armies, i see 2 armies in army tab, One big in south and one smaller in north, i queue up all units available for recruitment in both armies. I passed 3 turns to get the units. Mission pop up, random rebels occupy One province, i send my north army into it and autoresolve, rip rebels. I decide to send south big army into norway towns, same with north, the true story starts here, the northern expedition. Northern Expedition First Battle The Expedition Started on a cold day, forces marched through the mountain led by their general, a Young man in his thirties. There was a fort close to our borders, moves my army there and declared war, it was do or die against norway. Bigger army inside then mine so i start sieging and buildings siege units, 3 towers, 1 ladder and 2 catapults.After 2-3 turns the army inside attacks me, its the first battle, i have the siege units but Will do me nothing here. I go to the Battlefield, i try to reposition my units, no unit is actually moving so i dont know whats going when its deployment phase. I take a look at enemies fortress and i realise they are moving " oh, we out of deployment phase". Enemies Sally out, my units are all in a line, i have no time to reposition them, Enemy cavalry crashes into my right flank, infantry is forced to fight it, i send some cavalry there while i try to figure out who are the archers, infantry etc among my units. Everything is going to fast, Enemy infantry charges against my line of units, its a complete mess in the center, my good cavalry with my general is on the left, i send them against that Enemy infantry flank and their cavalry there. Enemy starts to rout in the center, i keep pushing with infantry and likes, enemies rout nonstop and keep returning so iam just chasing them, my armies chase them to the left side of the fort. I look Over to the siege units, i look Enemy cavalry attacking it and my archers, i send One unit Over to fight it. The chase continues, enemies keep routing and returning, its a blood Bath next to the fortress, enemies are running, my men chase and surround their general, Enemy general is dead, half of the army now starts to rout inside the fortess, my men rush in and slaughter them, the fortress falls in our hands. Around 180 units Lost of 100 from us, Over 1000 dead on their side. Second Battle The fort was taken. Its now Norway time to make a move, an army of 1000 arrives by boats and walks close to the fort, its my Turn now,i get an event pop up- Norway King arrives with vikings army- i dont wait for units, rush out and face this second army. This time i have deployment phase, i deploy pikes on front, infantry and archers behind, cavalry on right flank and 2 catapults on the back, its 3 cav units with general, 4 good pikes 1 spear, 5 infantry and 2 archers. Iam on a small mountain, my units are slowly going down while enemies arrives, once he arrives we look at each other and to my surprise he attacks me, he cant charges because Cliff and the viking Clash into my pikemen, my cavalry attacks from the right and my infantry from the left, enemies start routing, i chase them down, they keep returning, a fierce battle going on but iam winning decisively. A cinemátic comes up, One of my horsemen falling down "oh my general is dead" "Your King had fallen!" " Oh wtf, he was my King,why did he have the shit army", the King falls but the men do not waver, they chase down this King slayers around the map for vengeance and so the Enemy general also fell. The battle was won but at what cost? The King was dead and the men wavered in their Will to fight. Same amount of units dead lowering the army to around 600. Men were tired and wanted to recover but such was not the Will of the gods. Third and final battle Doom was then ever before, after the Turn passed the army moved northeast into a coast with a town fortress, it was insane to attack,an act of a madman, the advisors warned " it must be where the King is, there is even a nearby force,its impossible!". The general did not care, this would be it, what would lead him to victory, the King had to be Avenged! And so, the attack begun and the battle Started, everyone knew that the expediction was close to its end and this would be it. The battle starts, the 2 catapults start shooting the gate, the 2 archers go forward to fire, too late did i realise they were being shot at, Lost half the archers while the gate fell, an army was coming closer, it was the second nearby army, same Number of units/divisions but with no losses to them(i almost never Lost divisions in previous fights). Pikemen were out on the front in spearwall, cavalry on the flanks and infantry behind again, they came from the left side of the fortress. A Clash was unavoidable, fortunately for me the pikes still had around 70 men each, enemies rushed forward, the pikemen held, the cavalry vs cavalry Clash begin and the infantry Started to flank, this day they wouldnt lose, they would push this army before reinforcements arrived and such they did, enemies wavered and Run for their lives, the fight was on, enemy units came One after another,routing and returning nonstop, the fight was fierce.The Enemy general was surrounded and Killed, 2 infantry units were sent to hunt down the archers left, the rest had to go inside the fortress, the pikes were sent ahead, the push was slow but steady, the army broke through and rushed in to fight the enemies, enemies were routing to capture point, One cavalry unit was on the side so the army engaged, all that was left was the units on the capture point, blinded by victory i rushed everyone in, it was disaster,the man already low Started to waver with less then 20 units each, only 2 units of cavalry were left - 1 with only the general Alive and the other with two horsemen- they were orders to retreat while infantry fought, in a Blaze of Madness and bravery the infantry surrounded the Enemy cavalry " the Enemy King has fallen!". The King was Avenged but it was not Over, units start to rout until all left, it was Over, the 2 infantry units never reached the archers and were far away,1 even came back, all that was left was 3 horsemen and some archers and catapult men that left the catapult, the horsemen rushed the archers outside the fortress routing them, more then half the men dead. 3 infantry units left from the enemies almost full of units, in madman act i sent the horsemen with the archers and catapult men against them, they imediately routed, 2 heavy infantry units were behind, once again a charges begun, it was the end but One must face the end in bravery, the cavalry charged the enemies, in maybe a blessing from God the first unit routed and the other followed. "Victory!" It was Impossible but it happened the Expedition was Over and the north was Taken, more then half the men dead but the King was Avenged. And this ends the tale of the Northern Expedition,a tale of bravery, sorrow and vengeance. TLDR:Medieval 2 -10/10 Battle realism 10/10 Scotish pikes stronk confirmed The scotish pay their debts
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