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Found 1 result

  1. Lee Yancy January 8, 2019 https://kotaku.com Screenshot: Magalaus (Reddit) In theory, anything can happen in EVE Online, but some things are considered impossible. Well, last month, one of the “impossible” things happened: The destruction of the game’s first-ever Keepstar battlestation, which was kept in a wormhole. Of course, it took 11 months of meticulous planning. Ever since the massive Keepstars, the largest structures that can be created by EVE players, were put into the game in 2016, they have lost the sense of perceived invulnerability that they once enjoyed. Over the two years, more than 30 of the extremely expensive structures have been destroyed. But the first-ever Keepstar endured, thanks to its location: Deep in the heart of a wormhole, the most inhospitable space that EVE Online has to offer. Wormholes do not benefit from the ubiquitous stargate network that players use to travel from system to system in the majority of EVE space. They must instead be accessed via temporary tears in the fabric of space that randomly appear throughout the entire galaxy. These rips in space are incredibly unstable: They decay over time, they collapse if too much mass passes through them, and they impose restrictions on the size of vessels that can squeeze through them. Wormholes also don’t have Local Chat, which is a persistent channel that displays everyone inside a system in real time and makes it easy to see if your enemies are in your system watching you. These factors make incredibly difficult logistical challenges for players trying to live inside the broken and scattered wormhole systems. So why do they bother? Because with this risk comes potential rewards. Wormholes are considered to be some of the richest space in all of EVE, full of lucrative resources—resources that the alliance known as Hard Knocks used to craft the first Keepstar. Some wormhole systems are inherently better than others, and Hard Knocks has lived in one of the best of them for quite some time. Their home system, is officially named J115405, but the vast majority of players know it as “Rage.” Through a combination of massive wealth, admirable player skill, and dogged persistence, the players of Hard Knocks established themselves as the top predator in the wormhole ecosystem. When citadels were first introduced to the game, Hard Knocks was in the unique position to be able to immediately begin construction of the first Keepstar, known as—what else?—Fort Knocks. Building Fort Knocks and placing it in a wormhole took months of planning, hundreds of billions of ISK, and the combined efforts of the entirety of Hard Knocks. Fort Knocks was almost stolen before it was assembled by nefarious industrialists, and the convoy operation to bring the Keepstar safely to Rage narrowly avoided discovery. But the story of building something in EVE is always going to be only the first half of the story. No one has ever done anything great in EVE without someone else wanting to destroy it. Soon after the players of Hard Knocks finished building their sandcastle, players in an alliance called The Initiative began planning to kick it over. Read more at...https://kotaku.com/the-year-long-undercover-plot-to-blow-up-eve-onlines-m-1831574442 Comment: I played EVE for a couple months, but ever since then my enjoyment has been occasionally keeping tabs on the in game News station - some of the things these guys do are ridiculous.