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Found 1 result

  1. Holiday Gaming Event The holidays are upon us which means it’s time for Diplomunion’s 2nd annual winter gaming event. Every day, a diplo’er has no money in their wallet to buy a game to play with their friends. They suffer through their boredom alone, waiting for someone to help. This festive season, say you’ll be the answer for an innocent gamer who is suffering right now. A gamer who needs you. Your admin team is proud to announce the Diplo Christmas event that will run from November 27th to December 8th. The key to this year’s success is all of you; we need to lock in game leads and the days and games they’ll be leading to take advantage of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend deals! How will the games be selected and organized? Unlike last year, there will be no popular vote for games. If there is a game you’d like to see played you must suggest that game and pick a time from the 27th - 8th. This will be the only way for games to be submitted to the event. Rules for game suggestions: It must be multiplayer. It must probably go on sale this black friday, or a majority of Diplo’ers must already have it. A tool to check this can be the steam tab. You can only suggest a game to be played if you can lead and organize for it. Game selection privilege will be given to those who can organize the games. Why should I be a game lead? Our game giveaways are usually awarded by pulling a random name & game. However, game leaders whose names are pulled will have the special privilege of seeing the entire games list and choosing which game they want. Yes, this means all game leaders could potentially chose a AAA title. Game leaders will also have their name entered twice into the draw, instead of once. Double the potential, all of the reward. If you require help, up to two people can lead a game during a day. This can be at different or at the same time. We’re truly leaving this up to pillars of the community on how they’d like to role this out. Sign up to be a game lead here. I won’t be able to commit to be a game lead, can I still win prizes? Yes, showing up on a gameday will automatically enter you once into the raffle. You can enter a maximum of once per game day. Additionally we will be doing random discord giveaways to everyone in voice chat during the event.This can be automatically triggered by having more than 10 people in a voice channel playing games and tagging @admin / [uSERGROUP=75]Site Advisor[/uSERGROUP] of the occurrence. Lets spread the holiday cheer. Donation Drive From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank all our Patrons. Never in our wildest imaginations would we have dreamed that so many Diplo’ers would reach into their wallets to help make this community a better place. There are many Diploers, struggling through college, bunked with 3 or 4 other hairy individuals twice their size, who eat Ramen noodles for breakfast, who work paycheck to paycheck with no light at the end of the tunnel. We cannot stand idly by as our brothers and sisters who live in abject poverty have no money to play games with their friends. 11 months of the year, we’ll be silent. But for this month of November we want to really push for donations. With your help, this one month could be used to sustain all our yearly costs and everything else above that can be used for improving the site, getting games, and creating events. And boy do we have some great things planned. How can I help? Become a Patreon Supporter for as little as $2 a month and help shape the site via communicating with the admin group for changes, proposed events, prizes, and direction. Buying through Amazon this Christmas? Make sure to purchase through our links. Additionally check out the Zazzle store! Don’t want to commit to a monthly plan, but have some extra money? Make a one time donation directly to our paypal. Donate unused Humble Bundle codes to the admin@diplomunion.com email. Use the 'gift to friend' option. Rewards for donating this month We want to make sure there is something in it for you! A way for us to say thanks. 2 Patreons will be randomly selected to give a gaming gift to any Diplo’er on our penny. All donators through PayPal will be put into a draw for a AAA game. All amazon link users will be put into a draw for a $30 amazon credit. Reserve a day, consider donating, and let’s kick off this holiday season in the best way possible! Thank you.
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