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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    The following file is the 4th Chapter in the series Chronicles of Westeros by me, Assassin88, about the map Roberts Rebellion by Kaptajn_Snaps. This chapter is a quick-to-read, but very detailed description of the colour BLUE "House Arryn" on Team Rebels. It covers the following topics: - A faction Overview - Imporant Events - Notable Buildings, Units & Items - Upgrade Priority - Heroes & Spell Priorities - Control Grouping at game start - Initial Tactics - Mid/Late-Game Tactics - Common Mistakes - Personal Advice/Comments/Tips The guide should be incredibly useful to any newcomer to the map, but would surely also benefit the more experienced player, even if they have played the map countless times. I hope you will give it a read! Furthermore, thanks to the artist Nikita Abukomov for the poster used as a thumbnail.
  2. Hey everyone, its our pleasure to announce the Diplomunion Discord Server. We want this to be a common chat area where you can meet people on the forum, as well as use the VOIP for ease of communication during gaming. It is in it's early phases, so a lot can and probably will change. Please be patient with us. If you have a gaming group and would like to use the Discord, please feel free. You can PM an admin on the client or on Diplo for any rooms you might need, and any privacy settings or roles for those rooms. Discord also has a mobile app that works wonderfully, if you need to chat on the go, like if you're for some reason playing BattleDawn and someone is stealing a relic RIGHT NOW. To encourage its use and for a general community bonding time, we would like to play some multiplayer games this weekend using the Discord to yell at each other. Friday we're slated for Warcraft III - and Saturday we're slated for Starcraft II. Individual games will be decided in the channels, but we're open for anything. Sunday we would like to do something random and fun. Look forward to seeing you all there, thanks again for making this community as good as I think it is.
  3. I have decided to further my reach and beseech the feedback of Hiveworkshop community. From now on Fall of Quel'thalas will have its own development thread on Hive located here: Click! I hope to see some new faces there as I gather feedback from people.
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