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Found 3 results

  1. https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/9254/blizzard-has-removed-blitzchung-from-grandmasters-and-banned-him-from-competing-in-hearthstone-following-his-on-stream-hong-kong-protest "Last Sunday, Hong Kong Hearthstone player Ng "blitzchung" Wai Chung caused quite the stir. As reported by Inven Global, Blitzchung appeared on the official Hearthstone Taiwan stream after his Grandmasters match wearing a gas mask, before shouting "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!" in protest against China's actions in the region..."
  2. This will be a commemorative post so that the games of October 24th/25th are never forgot. Many a great ISH were had this day, culminating in a game that lasted until September 1923, a 110 minute game. Let it also hereby be forever memorialized that cell_destroyer failed and abandoned his team. Attached is a replay of this game. The game had to end because many players had to go to sleep and needed to work in a few hours, and were seeing the sun rise on the horizon. However, a [spoiler=Game Results Spoiler]Central victory was projected. Legends were born this night. Attached is a replay of this game.
  3. You can find the changelog for all the versions here and you can download the map here. [spoiler=1.5a Changelog] •Fixed a farmland patch west of Larissa. •Changed the damage Zeus’ Lightning deals every 1.5s from 10 to 20. •Renamed the City-State to Polis. •Buffed the arrows of the Polis to deal 2 more damage (from 25 to 27) and to have an increased range by 50 (from 600 to 650). •Polis HP increased by 750, from 4250 to 5000. •Barracks HP increased by 250, from 2000 to 2250. •Academy HP increased by 250, from 1500 to 1750. •Engineers are now available for training from the start. •Added the island city of Skyros. •Edited the island of Skopelos to add land to the top left. •Added the island of Alonissos along with the city of Patitiri. •Added the city of Physkos to the north of Rhodes. •Added the city of Thoricus southeast of Athens. •Added the city of Tauriana north of Macedon. •Added the city of Psophis to northwest Arcadia. •Added the city of Ermioni to the east of Argos. •Added the city of Oenoe to the south of Lesbos. •Changed the HP of walls from 1500 to 1000. Changed wood cost from 300 to 150. •Refugee Encampments can now train Militia for South Greece players - previously it could only train Light Infantry which were only available to non-South Greece players. •The minimum population of cities has been changed from 1500 to 5000 (minimum income of 5 gold changed to ~16-18). •Special unit upgrades now cost 500 gold from 1000 and now take only 60 seconds to research from 120. •Fortitude Aura now increases armor by increments of 1.5 instead of 1. •Removed the Marketplace and items from the game. •Transferred the Marketplace model to the Agora. •Shipyard lumber cost changed from 500 to 400. •Changed the initial lumber income on Agoras from 40 to 45. •Agoras now limited to 20 from 30. •Changed build time for Priests from 8 seconds to 4 seconds. •Changed the scaling value of Peltasts from .76 to .70 •Catapult gold cost changed from 330 to 230. •Changed the model and button of the Slinger. •Removed the mana from the Colossus of Rhodes as it is not used. •Every King will now start with a Transport Ship in their inventory that can be made in water. The starting ships for Athens, Crete and Rhodes were also removed. •Improved Ship Construction now increases ship HP by 15% instead of adding 125 HP. •Transport Ships will now be affected by the Improved Ship Construction upgrade. •Transport Ship HP changed from 550 to 600. •Galley HP changed from 1075 to 1200. •Bireme HP changed from 1325 to 1400. •Argive Gallery HP changed from 1100 to 1400. •Cretan Pirate Ship HP changed from 1325 to 1600. •Trireme HP changed from 1650 to 1600. •Flagship movement speed changed from 200 to 240 to match Galleys. •Decreased the base time for research for Improved Ship Construction and Improved Construction from 90s to 60s. •Various texture edits and doodad placements on a few islands to spruce them up. •Changed the armor types of the Craftsman and Engineer to Unarmored from Normal. •Various tooltip edits. •Moved Knossus (Crete’s capital) south slightly away from the shore. •Reduced the time of the intro by 3 seconds. •Strength of Zeus will now increase a unit’s armor by 1 instead of 3.
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