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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to a small-scale post analysis report for the 3rd game between Diplo and ToG. Today we have the map BFME and, as a special treat and in irony, I'll be cheering on Cell's team, who is representing Diplomunion. Oh, the irony that I'm a mod on ToG too. Anyhow, this is mainly to help @BladeMasterRUSH in what he wanted to do and, since what I want to do won't work on discord, a forum post will suffice instead. Fair warning that this report will mostly be me spectating for Team Diplo, and that Diplo lost. So lots of criticism below! Round 1 - Diplomunion (Cell's Team) as Good VS ToG (Drovermod's team) as Evil The game begins and all of the players pretty much know what they are doing. Until they don't, that is. We go to a fairly common strategy of having every force near the middle of the map until a player makes a move. In this case, Cell as Yellow decides to attack Dunland and try to 1v1 Isengard. This works for a bit until a fatal mistake was made; The Evil team struck first against the forces of Good, isolating the once unified block into two. Furthermore, do to lack of player skill, @Wampa_181st is split north and has his forces suicide, choosing to focus on his herosquad south to no avail. The result is disastrous; Evil crushes the army of Good. Screenshot of Wampa's / Blue's army having been suicided. This squad was literally left out of the big fight merely seconds ago due to tunnel vision on his hero squad. In the photo, you can see on the minimap that Good has been split, and that Cell is rushing to help his team. Unfortunately, he was too late as the rest of his team decided to reengage without Cell. --- In this photo below, you can see more suicided units as well as Evil on the minimap starting to engage Cell after crushing Good's South again. Evil is given the choice to redirect the entirety of their force now on Cell, as the team of Diplo has had their army crushed twice, leaving little chance to counter attack or save Cell. As a last ditch effort minutes later, Cell decides that they have one chance left; sandwich the forces of Evil below Edoras. A hard fight ensues, but in the end, Good has fed too much and was far too battered after the last two fights. An uncoordinated retreat starts between Blue and Teal, leaving Red and Yellow in the fight for five additional seconds before they realized Blue and Teal had retreated. What happened was a slaughter. Photo of the slaughter below. The game concludes with Good and Team Diplo surrendering. Other highlights include Purple / Pimp trading Frodo for Sharku, LB winning the initial navy fight to then lose in the later stages, but after navy no longer mattered, and the great banter in obs chat. More can be seen through @BladeMasterRUSH's stream VOD. Below is the score screen. Round 2 - ToG (Drovermod's team) as Good VS Diplomunion (Cell's Team) as Evil The game begins with a famous korean strategy by Gray; he moves his wainriders north to snipe the Entmoot, which, while countered slightly, eventually works. Of course, with me rooting for Cell's team, I was delighted that Evil was winning. Well, they were winning slightly, until mistakes after mistakes was made. Image of the Beacon of Gonder being lit, giving everyone on Good a speed boost. The Beacons were lit; Blue and Purple caught Pimp, who retreated far too late, and slew Grima and a good portion of his army. Afterwards, the forces of Good, a unified block like last game, left Yellow with a significant advantage 1v1 Green. They marched towards Dol Goldur, with LB (Wampa) slightly seconds behind and late. Photo of Grond being left in the middle of nowhere, and the minimap showing the important parts. Additionally, LB (Wampa) was getting destroyed naval-wise. Good, with Drovermodz as captain, maneuvered their forces like last game to stay as a block. This is something that the Evil team can not completely do since Green starts somewhat isolated. What ensued was Red (which was played by, guess who, drover) sneaking his army to Isengard. Despite being missing and pinged on the map that he was missing, Pimp as Green engaged and attacked the Elves, played by Brothermanbill. Photo of the minimap showing pimp engaging, and Red flanking, with the forces of Evil slow to react. Being a brilliant distraction, and with the rest of the good team moving to counter Evil attempting to save Green, Drover flanked and absolutely destroyed Green. Screenshot mere seconds before Green (Pimp) being destroyed. The two games can be defined as Team ToG being able to always pick their fights, with Team Diplo always lagging behind. Highlights of round 2 includes a team fight near Skinbark (Good team gets a hp/s regen from him) and, well, the score screen can show you the rest. Result: Team ToG wins 2-0 against Team Diplo, and the total game count is 2-1, Diplo to ToG. The first two games were LoTSW and WitP. This has been a post game analysis by The_13th_Legend.
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