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Found 6 results

  1. The reasoning behind having 1 food on each unit is to better keep track of the number of units under your own control. However, it doesn't apply to all units. Permanent summons don't cost food. Heroes don't cost any food. I suggest to change it. I've played Fel Horde games where I've had maybe 450 permanent units thanks to the Fel Death Knight skeleton summons, demon portals and Eye of Sargeras. Yes Fel Horde is a solo faction but that's not good for the stability of the game. When there's thousands of units moving & attacking the game begins to lag and freeze. You start seeing a building move around on the screen for some reason. I suggest 1 food on all units. Including heroes, permanent summons and workers. Then the unit number is actually accurate for all factions.
  2. A 2 hero minimum Basic idea, no matter what happens you'll always have at least 2 heroes. There are some circumstances that reduces the number of heroes you have down to 1. If NA stays together, Dalaran may only have Jaina if Antonidas dies after Dalaran is destroyed. You can't get Kul'Tiras or Theramore in that situation. If Yellow gets destroyed by Fel Horde and Magni dies after Ironforge, you only have Muradin Bronzebeard. In other cases, you get a hero. For example, if Lordaeron loses Arthas after Stratholme is destroyed then you get Garithos as a replacement. If Stormwind gets destroyed you get Thoras Trollbane in Stromgarde. This basically prevents Stormwind and Lordaeron form ever having less than 2 heroes at any time, despite being able to lose Uther, Arthas and Varian permanently. Suggestions 1. If Dalaran is destroyed while NA is united, then you'll get Kul'Tiras as a base with Admiral Proudmoore. However, you don't get any of the strong units, your unit lineup remains the same. 2. If Ironforge is destroyed you get to choose between Falstad Wildhammer and Dagran Thaurissan. When you chose, you get the base they're in as well. None of the upgrades or special units. 3. Increase the number of units in Aerie Peak base. 4. I also ask to consider giving Aerie Peak a small dungeon to increase the size of the base to be more equal to Shadowforge without colliding with nearby geography (Durnholde, Alterac, Scholomance and the rivers).
  3. Suggestion 1. Move damage & armor upgrades from the Shipyard into the Blacksmith/ War Mill/ Graveyard/ Hunter's Hall. 2. Frigate ability gets a research requirement. 75g 150w. 3. Battleships gets a passive or ability with research requirement. 4. All towers get damage upgrades together with Battleships & Frigates. 5. All towers get armor upgrades together with Battleships & Frigates. Reasoning A few towers get no damage upgrades and most towers have no armor upgrades, this solves that. Treats a tower the same way as a unit that can get stronger with research. Some towers get really strong in the lategame while other towers are almost useless for taking up important space in a combat zone. This balances things out. Strong lategame buildings are for example Druids Ancient Protector and Watch Towers. This nerfs them by putting the cap at 4/4 instead of 8/8. Weak lategame buildings are for example Cannon Towers & Boulder Tower. This buffs them by giving them damage upgrades. A general nerf to current base defenses by changing where towers get their damage upgrades from. Towers & Battleships are very similar so it makes sense that they would share upgrades together. There's also some logic in having all damage & armor upgrades located at the blacksmith. Discussion I am uncertain about the 4/4 research max. It makes those units relatively worse in the lategame than units that can get 8/8. Perhaps there could be a higher increase per level such as getting 3 armor instead of 2 from every upgrade or make it go up to 8/8 but costs half the resources than what it does for all other units. I don't know what's best here but I don't like how it is currently.
  4. Ottomans need a buff and Trench should be barred from Russia
  5. Report all your balance concerns and what you think is out of order in the newest version here! Remember to keep it readable and comprehensible and try to provide solutions in terms of what should be done to fix the problem (be it UP or OP one).
  6. There isn't. That being said, here's an idea for what could work: Having rating charts for every player on every nation ie A, B, C, D, E, F rank in Russia but in Austria-Hungary it could be D, F, B, A, C, E. Assign points to each placement, say 60 points to A players in that role, 50 points to B, and so on. When selecting candidates from each role then, you tally up the points and compare both sides (Central vs Entente obviously you nitwit) on points. Obviously 210 vs 300 is a bit uneven, whereas 230 vs 250 will be manageable. Understandably, there will be contention to say who is "the best" at a certain role, but there will certainly be majority agreement sooner or later. Also, it may be beneficial to assign multiple A roles to multiple players. What I mean is that many players can be counted as A material, and be designated 60 points when picked. This way, the points are flexible enough to include everyone, and not be totally skewed where it is only fair if certain players are left out. This system takes into account the individual prowess of the players, and the combination of their strengths when evaluating the power of either team. It helps too that ISH is a 6 vs 6 game.
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