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  1. I find it hilarious that you argue that citing ordinary standards of the past is irrelevant, when your entire argument hinges on developing a disturbing trend. You realize in any data analysis trends are built off of some previous time's data--be it the previous month, year, etc. You're choosing to arbitrarily cut off years that don't serve to support this trend you're trying to paint. Whatever the ordinary standards in Jim Crow south, they were far stricter and more aggressive than now. Clearly, we descended from that peak, and even if we are starting to ride a wave of increased action, you can't definitively prove where it'll end up and that we won't have a similar decrease in the future. These things ebb and flow, they never move neatly in one direction, as the broader context of accepted ordinary standards clearly demonstrates. Again, you argue that "they offer a greater and more intrusive form of limitation" How is it intrusive in your life? One of the most classic forms of bullying that kids would do when I was growing up was telling a boy "wow, you throw like a girl!"--Teasing someone by purposefully calling a he a she, we can agree is a form of harassment. I don't really know much about all this gender identification stuff, but essentially that's their argument. Saying "they did..." instead of "he did..." is intrusive and aggressive to you? Getting fired for harassing someone is aggressive? You say it's starting to sway that way in politics, but you realize it's still legal to fire someone specifically for being gay at the federal level, right? They tried to add sexual orientation to the list of protected statuses and it got shot down. Cite some macro data about this trend if you're going to argue it's evident to continue. How many of these types of cases were fought this year, last year, the year before? What are you being limited from? According to you everyone should start with a blank slate--no parents to influence them, no money, no school districts better than others, no history, no nations, and no wealth passed down over time because all of these things can affect someone's privilege based on their ancestors. It's certainly a nice fantasy. To think the world operates anything like that is nothing short of delusional. I personally agree that men should have little to no say on things like female attire standards at work, female healthcare, etc. I don't think white people can argue about the hardships of being black or Hispanic. So yes, I believe there are certain topics that have no application to them. Should a non-alcoholic be able to lecture a group of alcoholics on how not to drink when alcoholism involves a genetic trait and experiences the person speaking doesn't have? Some people might think it'd be nice to have a scotch at work and have a female subordinate give them sexual favors to keep her job while facing no repercussions like in the 50's probably up into the 70's. It's natural that as other minorities and people with protected statuses gain equal footing, the all-encompassing privilege of the white man should decrease. They're going to take control of the conversations that pertain to them, and there's nothing we can do about it. Obviously you're someone who thinks people should listen to your opinion. You shoe-horn whatever's on your mind into completely unrelated threads, thereby derailing them. You don't like change--you can't even bother to do something as easy as use discord. These are things that are pretty self evident based on your behavior displayed, and I think they're far more telling than any argument you've made in the last few posts. Who isn't afraid of change? That's just how the world goes. I won't definitely say where it's going to end up, and that it'll be bad until we get there because it's impossible to know for sure. This is all I'm gonna say on this topic.
  2. They constitute a far greater and more intrusive form of limitation than the current ordinary standards of behavior that govern any given social interaction (at least 90% of all interactions)... in what way? Considering standards of behavior used to include designating white only drinking fountains and jailing African Americans who broke this standard, I don't find the increased umbrella of social protections particularly intrusive in my life. It really hasn't affected me at all. I've also never heard of anyone being jailed for calling a tranny it, or using the "wrong bathroom." Please give me examples of the ways these safe spacers and sjws are far more intrusive, limiting, and aggressive, than what we have now or in the recent past. "I don't understand the history of race relations in this country, and frankly don't want to. " I don't know how to read this any other way than as your personal declaration of willful ignorance on the subject race relations...which you then proceed giving us your opinion on. Basically what I'm reading from your explanation on the n word is that you don't say it "for obvious reasons" which I think is because it's just not acceptable in society, but then go on to basically explain how you don't think that using it should be seen as wrong. Not being able to say the n word is an unreasonable limit on your freedom because you're white--it boggles your mind. You won't be punished here for it, so why don't you just let it rip?
  3. Beer Barrel--a place where you can say things that most people wouldn't in public without any fear of real-world reprisal. Seems like a safe space to air grievances, vent, make off-color jokes, etc, doesn't it? I mean, you're complaining that safe spaces reduce free speech. If you're not arguing that people should be able to say what they want without reprisal, then what are you saying? The SJWs and the people you think of as pro-safe spacers are basically arguing to expand the protections of the "ordinary standards of behavior" to other marginalized groups. You've just admitted that some limitations to free speech, within the ordinary standards of behavior, are acceptable, so where do they cross the line in your mind that scares you so much? Why are your ordinary standards of behavior that everyone should operate by right and theirs wrong?
  4. MFW Feanor doesn't realize Diplo is a safe space where you can say whatever you want and still remain anonymous if you choose and free from most, if not all consequence. To me, safe spaces can kind of take two routes. It can be a place with freedom from consequences from what you say, or like Talinn described--a group of people free from judgement for having shared similar, significant, life experience (Support groups like AA, etc). Both are kind of similar but a little different, imo. I agree that speech shouldn't be limited. IDK where the idea comes from that you can't argue different perspectives in a college classroom. You can probably say the n-word and go on an anti-gay rant, but you might be thrown out of the classroom. Are you arguing that you should be allowed to do stuff like that without consequence, Feanor? I think most people take the idea of a safe space and run with it to the most extreme it could go and think that's what people are starting to want, when that simply isn't the case. Maybe some people want that, but not the majority.
  5. Free speech counts as something social, right? So does that make Bors a Social Justice Warrior? Never thought I'd see the day... Bors SJW
  6. "No puppet, no puppet--you're the puppet!" Lol, I forgot about that exchange. Basically, I agree with Eagle. Trump will go from shaking someone's hand at an event, to insulting their wife on twitter a few days later from the comfort of the white house--total coward.
  7. I think Bernie would give Trump a run for his money in the debates. Of course there will be the Trump fans that will think the playground insults he hurls will constitute a victory no matter what. I think the Bernie will fling enough back to make Trump sweat. He won't be afraid to call out Trump on lies.
  8. You're absolutely right about the first part, Feanor. All of this is extremely childish.
  9. Unless you've been having some private conversations on the side with people to catch you up, there's no way you can have any idea what's going on, lol. Why don't you join discord? Honestly, with the time you spend on the Forums, I think you'd actually enjoy just chatting.
  10. It’s interesting because some comedians have been brought to task for inappropriate tweets from long ago, but the president has faced less backlash over his “grab then by the pussy” video. We simultaneously live with cancel culture and people not caring, though the cancel culture seems to wear off fast. What are the demands, and what is even up for negotiation?
  11. We live in a world where you can't hold anyone accountable for what they said at any time. Didn't you know that?
  12. Another thing you miss by never using the discord.
  13. This is the thread that keeps on giving. Please, more. Are we gonna get someone go deep undercover in Diplomunion until they get director so they can mass boot the server? That’s all we need for me to feel 12 again!
  14. It's the only legitimate feel to feel when you see "k."
  15. Will these slurs continue to be tossed out by the staff without reproach?!
  16. Finally, Burden and myself will settle, ONCE AND FOR ALL, which one of us is superior. Game of HoI4--may the best Walrus win.
  17. When a method of fixing something fails, double down on it and demand results!
  18. If you want this worked out and solved so badly @Feanor why not do something more than command Abdel to fix it? You could always reach out to Bors
  19. All these years and the praet looks the same as it did, like 12 years ago, lol.
  20. I think two essential qualities of a leader are humility and accountability for their actions. I'm willing to admit I made a mistake. That mistake was broadcasting the merger deal publicly and declaring victory before the agreement was completed. It's no secret to many, that almost since the schism, it has been my goal to unite the Diplos. I've put in much time and effort negotiating between both sides and being a bridge, a conduit, between both administrations. When the goal of my ambition was in my grasp, I wanted the shout it from the mountaintops. However, I had to take a step back and see the big picture--recognize the role I was fulfilling. I wasn't just representing myself and what I want, I was representing many people and what they wanted. On the DG side, things soured and people started to not want the merge anymore. I had already given all my arguments for why I wanted it to happen. When a majority of people on that side decided they didn't want it, I decided I wasn't going to force it through. If I did it would only end up in another split down the line on the back end. So, yes I made mistakes, but I think the whole situation actually does more to highlight a key strengths of my leadership I feel my opponents lack--the willingness to sacrifice my self-will and ambition for the will of the community I serve. I've come to believe that we're in a new age of clans, where each discord, DG, DM, and Borscord, are essentially no different then the wc3 channels we used to occupy. We all can freely communicate to people on any one of them, and people are free to run things the way they want. Ultimately, I think it's for the better.
  21. I'm with spank on this one--no chest hair whatsoever? Dubious
  22. No one knows how Feanor's modship began--some say it always was. Let's be honest, he'll probably be haunting these forums long after we're all gone. He's basically a mod because he's been around so long, and not enough people use the forums to make it relevant whether he's a mod or not. As for Jimmy, we all know why he isn't a mod, and why he's never has held any significant sway or position within Diplo. It's easy to point at situations that didn't go as others planned. At least I tried to push a merger and better the community. At least I tried and have invested enough time to care. Jimmy hasn't put forth the time and effort to positively affect the community as a leader in the entirety of its long existence. What's different now? All I see is the same old shit posting, hindsight 20/20 Jimmy. Stormy--not even worth dedicating more than one sentence to.
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