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  1. It's the only legitimate feel to feel when you see "k."
  2. Will these slurs continue to be tossed out by the staff without reproach?!
  3. Finally, Burden and myself will settle, ONCE AND FOR ALL, which one of us is superior. Game of HoI4--may the best Walrus win.
  4. When a method of fixing something fails, double down on it and demand results!
  5. If you want this worked out and solved so badly @Feanor why not do something more than command Abdel to fix it? You could always reach out to Bors
  6. All these years and the praet looks the same as it did, like 12 years ago, lol.
  7. I think two essential qualities of a leader are humility and accountability for their actions. I'm willing to admit I made a mistake. That mistake was broadcasting the merger deal publicly and declaring victory before the agreement was completed. It's no secret to many, that almost since the schism, it has been my goal to unite the Diplos. I've put in much time and effort negotiating between both sides and being a bridge, a conduit, between both administrations. When the goal of my ambition was in my grasp, I wanted the shout it from the mountaintops. However, I had to take a step back and see the big picture--recognize the role I was fulfilling. I wasn't just representing myself and what I want, I was representing many people and what they wanted. On the DG side, things soured and people started to not want the merge anymore. I had already given all my arguments for why I wanted it to happen. When a majority of people on that side decided they didn't want it, I decided I wasn't going to force it through. If I did it would only end up in another split down the line on the back end. So, yes I made mistakes, but I think the whole situation actually does more to highlight a key strengths of my leadership I feel my opponents lack--the willingness to sacrifice my self-will and ambition for the will of the community I serve. I've come to believe that we're in a new age of clans, where each discord, DG, DM, and Borscord, are essentially no different then the wc3 channels we used to occupy. We all can freely communicate to people on any one of them, and people are free to run things the way they want. Ultimately, I think it's for the better.
  8. I'm with spank on this one--no chest hair whatsoever? Dubious
  9. No one knows how Feanor's modship began--some say it always was. Let's be honest, he'll probably be haunting these forums long after we're all gone. He's basically a mod because he's been around so long, and not enough people use the forums to make it relevant whether he's a mod or not. As for Jimmy, we all know why he isn't a mod, and why he's never has held any significant sway or position within Diplo. It's easy to point at situations that didn't go as others planned. At least I tried to push a merger and better the community. At least I tried and have invested enough time to care. Jimmy hasn't put forth the time and effort to positively affect the community as a leader in the entirety of its long existence. What's different now? All I see is the same old shit posting, hindsight 20/20 Jimmy. Stormy--not even worth dedicating more than one sentence to.
  10. IamtheWalrus.


    They had plenty of chances, Burden. The candidates who didn't respond are doomed to the ash heap of history! I do declare, as future tribune!
  11. Given the response to my last debate answer, I'll keep this brief. There are two incredibly strong reasons that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm better than Jimmy and Stormy, both as a tribune candidate and as a person. Reason One: Jimmy Reason Two: Stormy I hold the truths of this post to be self-evident.
  12. Diplo was formed as, and should always focus on gaming. People come here, in my view, to blow off steam and have fun with friends by playing games. There is a decent amount of discussion generated via politics and other stuff, but that's definitely secondary to the vast majority of the community, with a large number of people specifically avoiding the focused chat areas. Shitposting is fun, but too much shitposting can be a catalyst for needless drama, and I think this community has had its fill of that. I have been a proponent of refocusing on core competencies. Basically, decide what general genre(s) we want to play--strategy, be it RTS, Grand Strategy, or MAYBE MoBA seems like the clear winner. There should be a push on not only wc3, but paradox, total war etc. The people who play one of these games is likely to play at least one or two others. This would allow for maximum bonding time, overlap, and SYNERGY among the community. Pushing our focus, and recruiting and reaching out to people who play these games would also allow us to easily assimilate anyone we might pick up. Love him or hate him, CNiper did a relatively good job of shilling. A lot of times it was random, shots in the dark without any follow-up. If we had a deeper focus on our core competencies, with games being run weekly or every other week, then hitting up other communities that do play paradox and inviting new players to games would be beneficial. Inevitably people leave communities over time, so at some point we have to at least recruit at a replacement-pace. I think there should be more outreach or marketing with an emphasis on this kind of direction. Finally, I think that recently some of my suggestions have been somewhat incendiary, and have been suggested in a way that wasn't constructive. I just want to apologize for this. I care deeply about this community, and I think I have a lot of feedback that would be beneficial. Equality must be emphasized, and I've demonstrated I'm willing to stick my neck out for what I believe in. Most people wouldn't trust chumps like Jimmy and Stormy with holding full responsibility over themselves, let alone an entire community. If you like constant shitposting without producing anything worthy of being proud of, you have two great candidates in Jimmy and Stormy, If you want someone you can trust, someone you can count on, someone who will let you cry on their shoulder, you have only one option--Walrus. Walrus Army--RISE UP!
  13. The premise of your analysis is flawed for many reasons. I was comparing the forums and the discord, not the overall site and the discord, which I feel is an important distinction. I agree that the site is needed as a home base--both as a collection of member's contact info and a place that will always be able to be returned to. I also agree with the use of things like the calendar. I don't know how things like the leadership is run on here, though I can imagine things like to-do lists and such would be much easier to track. I even find it's the better medium of communication for things like the election. Personally, I think some of the election threads should be continually scrubbed of spam. There are certain members who like to add posts with 0 relevance, which is annoying. I don't know if there are any rules against that, but there should be. When you say something like "if we refocus the community's activity around the site" it makes you sound like you think you can strong arm people into using the forums the same way they use discord, which will never be the case again. You can't fight that there's overlap in purpose between the forums and discord now, and as more activity is on discord, for day to day communication, there will inevitably be less activity on the forums. This is activity the forums will never fully regain. Your no discord November is a testament to this. This is my main point. Feanor seemed to be arguing, in my perspective, for a return of when the forums performed the functions which overlap with discord. You, abdel, are arguing for emphasizing the ways the forums are different than the discord and leveraging those strengths to use the forums pretty much only for those things, which I agree with. I never meant to say get rid of the forums and the website completely, just that it's a fantasy that you can force a new golden age.
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