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  1. "No puppet, no puppet--you're the puppet!" Lol, I forgot about that exchange. Basically, I agree with Eagle. Trump will go from shaking someone's hand at an event, to insulting their wife on twitter a few days later from the comfort of the white house--total coward.
  2. I think Bernie would give Trump a run for his money in the debates. Of course there will be the Trump fans that will think the playground insults he hurls will constitute a victory no matter what. I think the Bernie will fling enough back to make Trump sweat. He won't be afraid to call out Trump on lies.
  3. You're absolutely right about the first part, Feanor. All of this is extremely childish.
  4. Unless you've been having some private conversations on the side with people to catch you up, there's no way you can have any idea what's going on, lol. Why don't you join discord? Honestly, with the time you spend on the Forums, I think you'd actually enjoy just chatting.
  5. It’s interesting because some comedians have been brought to task for inappropriate tweets from long ago, but the president has faced less backlash over his “grab then by the pussy” video. We simultaneously live with cancel culture and people not caring, though the cancel culture seems to wear off fast. What are the demands, and what is even up for negotiation?
  6. We live in a world where you can't hold anyone accountable for what they said at any time. Didn't you know that?
  7. Another thing you miss by never using the discord.
  8. This is the thread that keeps on giving. Please, more. Are we gonna get someone go deep undercover in Diplomunion until they get director so they can mass boot the server? That’s all we need for me to feel 12 again!
  9. It's the only legitimate feel to feel when you see "k."
  10. Will these slurs continue to be tossed out by the staff without reproach?!
  11. Finally, Burden and myself will settle, ONCE AND FOR ALL, which one of us is superior. Game of HoI4--may the best Walrus win.
  12. When a method of fixing something fails, double down on it and demand results!
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