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  1. The quality of life changes blizzard sought to implement is called retail, lol.
  2. I’ve reserved two characters, but I’m not sure which I’ll play. Dwarf Priest—IamtheWalrus human paladin—IamWalrus Ive typically played as healers, so that’s probably what I’ll roll
  3. In the same vein of the political thing feanor mentioned, maybe you could pick and issue and have a 1 page debate between two of diplos prized politics trolls. You know, to really give it the diplo feel.
  4. This has to be the cringiest thing I’ve read all month.
  5. Is under the impression Nodle's hand is big enough to hold a sizable supply of shit, urine, and sulfur.
  6. One need only look at Myanmar to see the potential powder keg about to be lit between Hindu nationalists and Muslims across the entire region.
  7. -Half a glass of whiskey (any kind). - No ice. You got yourself a Hot Walrus.
  8. Is worried someone will notice his nose is brown.
  9. Should know that it's simply a chair fashioned from full vodka bottles.
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