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  1. MissBoots


    You were? You didn't inform me the situation had changed. Dog! *cries*
  2. Heck, that's a lot of money ph. Then again, just how productive are these guys? $200 per employee is a lot if they've already raised their lifestyle. It's also a lot for the manufacturers to 'save' on, and sorry but as an employer, wages take up the biggest part of your budget and you need to plan in advance for eventualities.
  3. I agree. I don't particularly like long term employees as, (and I know I'm not comparing apples with apples here) they only do the minimum. They are already entitled to four weeks leave pa, get pension, med aid etc and are always bitching. They get 10 working sick days a year and boy do they take them. As an employer, I once again have broken ribs and bronchitis so had to drag myself to work to get wages paid yesterday. There's no such thing as saying I am ill an in tremendous pain. LOL. I arrived in my pjs, gown and slippers as I intended getting straight back into bed when I got home.
  4. It's not only now. Politics have been messed up for centuries. People are gullible. As my mum says - anyone who wants to be a politician should NEVER be allowed to become one.
  5. About time indeed. Bestiality is abnormal and animals can't give consent so it's rape.
  6. Same, except I'd take me off and add you. I do so love Bilds and Potatoe-Head too. Oh, and Csigs.
  7. Good lad! I used to teach the sacrament and my youngest son was confirmed last November. Oldest is doing RCIA as he turns 18 this year and will receive the sacrament on the 30th March this year. I note your profile says you are 19. Here, the usual age is 16. Are you doing the RCIA course? When are you due to be confirmed?
  8. I forgot to mention this. Also, a backhand can break your wrist if you hit bone. The best in a full on, slightly angled fist punch. A straight punch can break your hand or wrist. By angled, I mean angled in toward yourself. Same as kicking. Angle in so the maximum damage is done by your outer foot and least damage to your bones and the weaker inner or front of your foot.
  9. Hahaha. You're delightful, Acacia! :) One thing - your fists aren't useless. It's how you use them. When you punch someone, (fist bunched up) you hit with the top of your fingers and knuckles. I've seen people bunch up a fist and hit as if they're slapping. Iow, they use the heel of the palm. Try following up with another punch with the other fist Asap. Go for the nose if possible. It hurts like anything, makes the eyes water, and the blood freaks them out. Best to only fight in self defence, though.
  10. I'll be the financial manager and Mrs November.
  11. MissBoots


    The scenario: In a real pub having a drink with Diplos. MissBoots: Hey guys, who do you think will win the wet t-shirt competition tonight? Diplos: The one in the white shirt. Have you seen the nipps on her? (Much kidding around, laughter and comments back and forth. Jimmy: This is a PUB! How DARE you bring up nipps when children are starving in Biafra??? Csigs: Why can't you listen to everyone talking at once and reply in one sentence? It's so quadrupulingly irritating. Jimmy: I told you in that report post - err whisper! Diplos - who's round is it? Check those nipples. YES BABY!
  12. MissBoots


    My oldest is 17. I had him when I was 19. Do the maths.
  13. MissBoots


    Umm yes. That's a bad thing.
  14. MissBoots


    I post from my 'phone. It's not that simple as from a PC. Anyway, apologies. Others don't use that facility and aren't taken down so it must just be my obnoxiousness or something. As I said before, I'm sorry for making an effort to start new threads and participate.
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