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  1. [quote name='CNiper']@KeK. I don't know about this 9 year vendetta but do you play Heroes of the Storm? We need a 10th free agent with regards to the Diplo tourny so to have even steven numbers.[/QUOTE] I played it when it first came out so...depends on how desperate you are.
  2. Yeah I should have been clear. I would never celebrate the birth of Gwydia, I'm celebrating its death. Destroying that site was my hobby back in the day.
  3. We will never forget. I have waited 9 years to post this here.
  4. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia. These pictures are for the remembrance of grunty's transformation into his modern self. EDIT: Also I highly doubt that grunty has been incubating in a chrysalis for the past year and has since emerged as a beautiful butterfly.
  5. How about a former red head?
  6. Please explain. Are you taking orders from someone? Thanks for the welcome.
  7. KeK.

    A new conciousness

    A certain greasiness about the fellow increased my dislike. He was evidently given to working or lounging around the fish docks, and carried with him much of their characteristic smell. Just what foreign blood was in him I could not even guess. His oddities certainly did not look Asiatic, Polynesian, Levantine or negroid, yet I could see why the people found him alien. I myself would have thought of biological degeneration rather than alienage.
  8. KeK.

    A new conciousness

    A very thin sprinkling of repellent-looking youngish people now became visible on the sidewalks - lone individuals, and silent knots of two or three. The lower floors of the crumbling houses sometimes harboured small shops with dingy signs, and I noticed a parked truck or two as we rattled along. The sound of waterfalls became more and more distinct, and presently I saw a fairly deep river-gorge ahead, spanned by a wide, iron-railed highway bridge beyond which a large square opened out. As we clanked over the bridge I looked out on both sides and observed some factory buildings on the edge of the grassy bluff or part way down. The water far below was very abundant, and I could see two vigorous sets of falls upstream on my right and at least one downstream on my left. From this point the noise was quite deafening. Then we rolled into the large semicircular square across the river and drew up on the right-hand side in front of a tall, cupola crowned building with remnants of yellow paint and with a half-effaced sign proclaiming it to be the Gilman House.
  9. KeK.

    A new conciousness

    The longer I looked, the more the thing fascinated me; and in this fascination there was a curiously disturbing element hardly to she classified or accounted for. At first I decided that it was the queer other-worldly quality of the art which made me uneasy. All other art objects I had ever seen either belonged to some known racial or national stream, or else were consciously modernistic defiances of every recognized stream. This tiara was neither. It clearly belonged to some settled technique of infinite maturity and perfection, yet that technique was utterly remote from any - - Eastern or Western, ancient or modern - - which I had ever heard of or seen exemplified. It was as if the workmanship were that of another planet.
  10. I'm going to make a bunch of intentionally vague prophecies about the future, that way fags 1000 years from now (if humanity manages to last that long) will be like ZOMG HE WAS A PROPHET SEND BY GOD.
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