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  1. There’s at least a fleet of deep marine research vessels in the UK.
  2. The UK has several deep sea research firms. Your point is nonsense.
  3. Starbucks has an explicit policy not to ask people to leave. That's something they train them on at least in vancouver, and I'm assuming that's the policy everywhere.
  4. Yeah so these employees acted in direct contravention of their instruction and policies. I don’t see any arguments in favour of these employees holding water.
  5. This is it folks, the prophecy is upon us. We ignored the signs. Now begins the last great battle between the forces of western civilization and the tide of slavdom.
  6. Needs to work on his english a lot if he is going to be teaching it
  7. I mean you can lower it down to probs a sub 30 Canadian if you're willing to buy piss. You still get more bang for your buck from a hard liquor.
  8. 26 of decent Vodka - 22$ Canadian Dollarydoos 12 decent beer - 46 Canadian The reason liquor's so damn expensive is because damn fools share it. Which is the chief benefit of cocktails; high investment cost, low maintenance costs.
  9. Here's the thing. You will probably not enjoy your first drink, because you won't be able to determine the right sip size for the first drink. Drinking is almost always introduced as a social event and that's how people discover their personal tastes. I'd recommend coming from a background of pop experimenting with thinks like Lagers, Bubbly Wines, Coolers and whatnot. These are gentle or very sweet respectively and will probably still taste pretty nice to you even if you're knocking them back like water. Then move into better beers and wines. Try a variety of hard liquors, see what tickles your fancy. Cocktails are a special breed, and really have to be done well to be enjoyed.
  10. Alcohol will as always, save the forum.
  11. I flipped a coin. More than I can read the text on.
  12. Yes, but you should work to remedy that.
  13. There's smooth jazz in the air. The pub's pretty empty, but you sidle up the bar anyway. Diplo's not what it once was, but it's still got that new tech feel blended with old world class. There's a new bartender at the right side bar, so you figured you'd give it a try. He's a young man, with a wry smile and a classic boston shaker. He gives you a look, and he knows you need a drink. Before you've even asked, his shaker is rattling with a collection of clear liquors. A double strain pours an unremarkable looking liquid into a martini glass, and he pushes it towards you. He's been working on it for a while. He calls it, The Diplomunion Of course, what is diplo, but a representation of Bors and Abdel's faith in the western ideal? What better basis for this cocktail than the ever so lovely Vesper Martini of bond fame. Yet the extinction of Kina Lillet puts our enterprising young bartender in something of a conundrum. To start with, your liquor collection should have these. The Gin must be gordon's, everything else should be upgraded to better brands if possible. And of course, we'll start with the essential ingredient, representing that Old World Class that is so essential to the diplo experience. Gordon's is by no means a great gin but is the only gin I've found that matches the flavours we need to make this drink. We'll be adding an ounce and a half to our shaker tins. Of course, what is diplo without its slavs. As much as I hate to admit it, they're a key component of this community, and so a measure of vodka goes a long way to making this. That's where I decided to make this mimic the themes of a vesper, actually. I recommend against using smirnoff in all but the most desperate times, but I drank all of my vodka last weekend. This is what's in my bar at the moment, so I'll make it work. Add an ounce in. Now if we were to be making a vesper, this is where we'd add our half measure of Kina Lillet. We are not, and Kina Lillet stopped existing several decades ago, so what's our next stop? Why we need to integrate the good American culture that is so essential to day to day operations. Eg, we're throwing out the old, and adding something entirely different. We'll be adding a small measure of Dry Vermouth to add some extra bitterness but really emphasize the dryness of our cocktail. Half an ounce should do nicely. Now, Diplo's a bitter old place. Not only are we bitter though, we've got salt for days. That's why we'll be adding a few drops of . This will temper our bitter flavours, and bring out our last liquid ingredient. We've always had a strong Commonwealth showing, damn limeys all, and that's gotta come into play somewhere. To add a bit of flavour, we'll be adding about a half of an ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice. This will give us a rich profile and really give diplo its identity. We'll add all of these ingredients to a shaker cup, shake with ice cubes for about 15-20 seconds to chill and dilute these strong flavours. Doublestrain (Singlestrain pictured because it's really hard to hold three things at once and take a picture.) into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with a single lime peel, after expressing the oils above the glass. This one's for you, Diplo. So this is my second original cocktail, I've been taking classes for some time and thought why not share my love of booze with diplo while adding back a bit of class? This thread's for the discussion of cocktails, liquor and me to post my own original cocktails, diplothemed or not.
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