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  1. Literally why I started this policy in the first place.
  2. That’s blatantly untrue, but I have no way to prove that without ‘showing private screenshots’. My objection was quite clear; there cannot be absolute power in the system I’m interacting with. Checks and balances for everybody. You said that the check and balance was leaving. As I said in the discussion (in which you specifically mentioned that you didn’t want people to talk about you on other servers, but here I am getting screenshots of the forum sent to me), the screenshots were there to underline a central point, because I don’t believe in saying things about people without the quotes to back them up. You become very hostile and combative when people disagree with you. You came in and became hostile and insulting, and did nothing to disprove what I said beyond claiming a context issue; after I included the full discussion, I still got no apologies for the insults, no retractions, and instead several months later find myself getting dragged for an entirely new reason. To make this clear; The issue here is that you can be expected to be held to what you say. But when you said that I was going to join DM, you seriously damaged my reputation with members of DG because words have consequences. My strong stance on democracy of action was an underline of what I had done, and it looked as though I had betrayed all of that because of what you said and did. If you had simply actually quoted what I said, there would’ve been no question. EDIT; to add my thesis, you saying that sharing screenshots is a crime is a bit of an issue considering that failing to pay attention to what people said caused quite a headache in the past. You say it was a mistake for doing so, but I’ve got my justifications for screenshots. If we’re airing out dirty laundry in new spaces, I’ve got my own share
  3. To clarify; we had a discussion regarding a deal, I raised objections to it but ABDeL had to go deal with a family issue. We left I thought amicably, but then he went on to declare my acquisition to the deal without dealing with any of my objections.
  4. Those are screenshots from a public chat... is that private, too? I have discord screenshots that can indict Hillary clinton! [USER WAS SUICIDED FOR THIS POST]
  5. Rather we should just ABDeL, where you make declarations based on things people explicitly never said, and then never asked to confirm it? Imagine being so afraid of being held to what you said that being quoted for what you *actually said* is an offence, but you’re happy to declare people said things that they didn’t. https://i.imgur.com/lN25QJY.png
  6. There’s at least a fleet of deep marine research vessels in the UK.
  7. The UK has several deep sea research firms. Your point is nonsense.
  8. Starbucks has an explicit policy not to ask people to leave. That's something they train them on at least in vancouver, and I'm assuming that's the policy everywhere.
  9. Yeah so these employees acted in direct contravention of their instruction and policies. I don’t see any arguments in favour of these employees holding water.
  10. This is it folks, the prophecy is upon us. We ignored the signs. Now begins the last great battle between the forces of western civilization and the tide of slavdom.
  11. Needs to work on his english a lot if he is going to be teaching it
  12. I mean you can lower it down to probs a sub 30 Canadian if you're willing to buy piss. You still get more bang for your buck from a hard liquor.
  13. 26 of decent Vodka - 22$ Canadian Dollarydoos 12 decent beer - 46 Canadian The reason liquor's so damn expensive is because damn fools share it. Which is the chief benefit of cocktails; high investment cost, low maintenance costs.
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