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  1. Andrew.

    I'm back

    Thank y'all for the warm welcome. I'm sorry to report that I'm no longer as flame crazy as I once was, but I'm sure I'll get some shit talking in here and there. Regardless, niggas better recognize the GOTE. Y'all make my balls tingle with some special sauce. <3
  2. Andrew.

    I'm back

    So come and say hello, bitch. Edit : Bors, I forgot about the beautiful pictures you made for my signature. You're so fucking amazing and sexy, touch me there.
  4. No easy solution. You just gotta sit down and realize that you NEED to get it done, don't listen to music while you do it, don't put the TV on, nothing. Sit in your kitchen or whatever, get everything out, and get the shit done. Nobody likes schoolwork, but you gotta do it.
  5. Well first off, custodians don't make more money than teachers, not by a long shot. Second, teaching is one of the most important jobs in any country, seeing as if you don't teach a kid in elementary, middle and high school, then they sure as shit can't go to on to college and become some snobby lawyer and doctor and be totally ungrateful of the fact that their teachers are the only reason they're so rich. I'll make enough to live comfortably, I'm not one for grandeur and greed anyways. Plus, I'll be content with the fact that you and most other people will never be as important as me job-wise, and that you could die and it wouldn't really matter to your career section.
  6. Teaching, my passion. High school or college history courses, preferably.
  7. College student. Joining the military after I get off probation, and they'll pay my way through college so I can stop getting loans. Not the answer you expected, huh jackass?
  8. Someone tell me, am I speaking in tongues, or is this kid really THAT fucking stupid? You're still missing the point, I don't know how I can make it any clearer. Bright prospects for your future, I'm sure you'll make the hallways and classrooms very clean for kids for the rest of your life, you're too god damn stupid to have a career in anything else.
  9. If I were her boss I'd ask that bitch if she wants another kid.
  10. I wasn't talking about my own, I said it's for ANYBODY. How can you attempt to argue with me when you can't even read? i iz 18 n i getz atenshun cuz im sexi /pose You're the one that comments on people's signatures out of pure ignorance, jealousy and unhappiness, you're the attention whore. You probably really are 14, too.
  11. I'm told that's Prince.
  12. That depends. How far away does she live? Just disappointed at your stupidity. Nice dodge of what I said though, no more - well shit, can't call them witty, they're not - remarks to make?
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