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  1. Spam

    Ask Diplo

    Fuck that hamster. Nobody ever makes me burritos :( Also Diplo, I feel like the Canadian guy and the black guy that I work with are going to get in a fight pretty soon here. At what point and what angle do I start recording the fight for maximum YouTube fame?
  2. Spam

    Ask Diplo

    Dear Diplo, Saturday is a big crawl event where everybody dresses up as zombies or other Halloween people and goes out and gets super super drunk. I want to go but I have work at 7 AM. If I am unable to get my hands on some uppers to help me power through the night, at approximately what time should I call it a night and go home to get some sleep? Also, I'm going as Waldo. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  3. The other Americans are right, many of us simply think of her as "the Queen", with England/Great Britain being implied in the general context of the conversation. She doesn't really affect our lives or anything, but she kind of exists as an entity that you're vaguely aware does something but it doesn't mean much to you. Sort of like Kim Kardashian.
  4. Spam

    Ask Diplo

    That's like Feanor saying "I have never kidnapped and molested little girls in my life." Diplo, would you rather live in a small town or a large city? I just got back from my grandmother's memorial held in Carlisle, Indiana (my father's family comes from a very small town of about 700 people) and I think I have decided never to live in a small town ever. All of the townspeople were rednecks, many of the younger guys were in prison lots of the girls in my family have 2-4 kids apiece, and very few of them actually leave from the town. It seemed so depressing because I felt without any of the sort of amenities of modern civilization, there wouldn't be enough of a financial, technological, or educational basis for me to actually enjoy it. Plus, Indiana is nothing but forests and corn fields so that's depressing as well. But what about you? Do you think you could live in a completely rural area and be happy about it? Also, are any of you good at Physics? I would really appreciate some help if anyone could provide it.
  5. Spam

    Got an Urge...

    This song would be a bit more accurate for you, Bors:
  6. Spam

    My southern friends

    I don't like people who spell with letters.
  7. Spam

    Ask Diplo

    Oh, but he does though. I'm taking the class online so all of my assignments are centered around taking quizzes on the chapters. Like literally, I have 1-2 homework assignments and the rest are quizzes based off of the reading. I doubt my professor would care enough. I already purchased the book and he's getting paid either way. I'll try this next time. I'll replace "product" with "bitches", "customers" with "scrubs", and "profits" with "chedda". That should make it feel like a lesson in pimpin'. I haven't read far enough to see if there's a chapter on how to use my pimp hand to keep my strategic business units strong.
  8. Spam

    Ask Diplo

    Diplo how do I convince myself to read my marketing book? It's soooooo boring!
  9. I got fired from my job at NOW Foods as a laboratory technician a few months ago, but I found a new job at a plasma donation center as a sample prep technician/processor. I don't do any actual testing; that's performed in a laboratory in Texas. All I do is basic data entry, pay out donors, and make sure that the plasma gets stored in a freezer within 30 minutes, then we prepare it for shipment the next day. It's mind-numbingly easy. I want to get cross-trained as a phlebotomist, not because I have any passion for the medical field, but because the cross-training will come with its own certification and a pay raise, which I desperate need since I am now making $3/hour less than I was when I was at NOW, so I need to come up on my finances. I'm also attending community college here in town, and I am two semesters away from getting my Associate's of Science. After I achieve it, I plan to earn a certification as either a Clinical Lab Assistant or Clinical Lab Scientist, move to another state, and pursue a 4-year degree in Chemistry. As for a career, I have absolutely no idea what to do, but I'm hoping that by working a few different jobs and through school I will have some sort of insight into what I can achieve with a Chemistry degree. I'd rather not work with pharmaceuticals (personal preference), but science is such a broad field that I'm hoping that I can find something that suits my interest. In between all of this, I go to the gym, go out clubbing and getting turnt up to trap music with my buddies (not lately since I'm poor and work on the weekends), make sexy time with the ladies, and watching videos on Vine.
  10. Spam

    My southern friends

    The only way that format will work is if you use the actual name of the month. For example, today is 9/10/14. But 10 September 2014 and even 10 Sep 2014 are correct as well. That sort of format is used mostly for correspondence, spreadsheets, or other work-related material. Don't actually say "10 September 2014" physically to another person. You will come across as autistic.
  11. Spam

    Picture of You

    Correction: Nobody should wear them anymore. You're not Bruce Springsteen.
  12. Spam

    Entertaining Games

    I like to play the game where I consume alcoholic beverages until my penis doesn't work.
  13. Inferous do you still have your Weird Al hair?
  14. Spam

    My southern friends

    The only time I ever see "nite" and "lite" are in products and advertising, like Miller Lite and Taco Bell's late-nite deals. I have never spelled the words in that manner, although some people across the nation might. But they're also the people who spell "to" as 2 and "see" as C, so make what you will of that.
  15. Spam

    Picture of You

    Denim jackets should have died in the 1980s. Nobody wears them anymore. I guess trends are different in Europe...
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