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  1. Use a combination of modern cliffs and doodads to create the illusion of a castle. Pretty simple.
  2. While I am humbled by the chance that I should remake the terrain of Coming of the Horde, there is sad news to report. After close to a dozen email exchanges with Bronze, I am sad to say that I will not be working on the terrain. While I feel confident that if I were to work on the terrain, a vision of COTH could be achieved that people would be happy with, the constraint of the map maker and his overall lack of understanding in the terraining process and how WarCraft 3 Editors causes the impasse. The biggest obstacle is use of editors. The objective I had envisioned doing is creating impassable hills as seen in WarCraft First War, War in the Plaguelands, Glory of the Horde, Plaguelands Eternal Conflict, etc. These are "modern" cliffs and are not the default Blizzard cliffs. These modern custom cliffs, hills, etc give a more visually pleasing look and greatly assist in pathing. If these cliffs were to be implemented it would all be for naught as having a game tile (usually rocks) serve as a pathing blocker is not supported by the default WarCraft 3 Editor (NEWGEN is the standard throughout the community). Currently the terrain for COTH uses a bunch of invisible pathing blockers (in the form of doodads) to create impassable areas. This system is clunky, inefficient and helps contribute to slowdowns (lag) in the game by having active doodads in the game. The map's terrain and overall systems are in desperate need of modernization. The gameplay is good but how the gameplay is achieved through triggers and terrain is inefficient and is holding back the map from being more. I know I may have ruffled feathers and hurt egos here. I feel like I needed to properly explain why I and other people have passed on doing the terrain on the map.
  3. I disagree with the assessment of a build based version of the map. The terrain and general layout of the map is designed to support spawn based which makes the map generally balanced. The whole inherent flaw with build based is that the units are designed to counter each other and you cannot trust the majority of players to build the right units to counter each other. This has been meticulously planned on over the course of The First War Reimagined series. All that difficulty aside, generally the idea of creating a map that is similar in time era as other maps is popularity. In my experience, the first map to cover that era is typically more popular and considered the better map. This is not always true yet it is a general consensus. With that said. If you wanted to create your own version of the First War, I applaud you. I am willing to help with triggers and design decisions. I will not help with terrain. The terrain I designed for The First War map is based on my countless interpretations of how I believe the areas shown should look - this is a process that never ends. I will not allow my terrain to be used either, as I believe in order to stand out another map that tries to cover the First War era would need to provide a different interpretation of the time period and terrain is just one of the many things that goes into that. Good luck.
  4. Great looking terrain, really refreshing to see someone "reimagine" what Azeroth would look like. Blizzard's Azeroth gets old. Everybody has their own imagination on what a town, city should look like: some just do it better than others.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the comment. I have said this before and will say it again. I believe spawn based and build based offer their own unique perspectives. Both have their own benefits for one, in spawn based, it is easier to balance. In build based, the player gets to choose what their army composition is. It really depends on how the player wants to do it.
  6. What LinkinBlade said is exactly true. Obtaining balance is a fine art and honestly weekly releases is stupid. The only reason multiple versions should be released in a week is if it fixes bugs that slipped through testing.
  7. Way to discount a lot of spawn based maps. Both build-based and spawn-based have their advantages/disadvantages.
  8. A Draenor/Outland map seems interesting. So you are talking post-2nd war but before "Beyond the Dark Portal"?
  9. The past few days have been filled with disappointment and heartbreak however, The First War continues: Hellfire Citadel with new doodads and modified terrain. Draenor, often ill forgotten and laughed upon, will be receiving a good portion of love in terrain and also enhanced incorporation into The First War.
  10. While I have deprotected the latest version, I lost nearly all the triggers and most of the data. I will be restarting from what was effectively Beta 4. Thank god for change logs.
  11. The error being received is essentially "level info is missing or invalid" which from what I have researched means the map file has become corrupted. The latest back-up I have is beta 7 version; which is 2 days old. The other back-up I have is 4 days old and is missing a lot of information. Just a weird little error that I hope I can overcome. Otherwise, TFW 2.0.0 will be delayed while work resumes on continuing its process of modernization. Re-doing parts of the terrain is not the hard part, though it is time consuming. Working on triggers is a rather mind numbing process that I dislike - and tend to only tolerate about maybe 5 minutes of a day. If I can crack the beta 7 version or have to re-work from an older back-up, the delay will be significant as I will be investing a lot more time in stuff I had planned for later versions (and organizing the triggers better). Anyways, we shall see. I'm on my laptop right now and working on PEC and won't be able to crack TFW until later when I get back to my desktop.
  12. Majorly bad news: My computer crashed last night and as of right now I cannot open the unprotected version of TFW - it has become corrupted - trying to resolve.
  13. On the heels of the Plaguelands Eternal Conflict announcement comes:
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