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  1. Oh snap. Also Bild, I would totally pick you up if I had a car. But I dont.... So i cant... And Im only here for work
  2. The 'sas is in Dallas for 3 weeks. Come get drunk with the king of the old guard. See you soon.
  3. asasin850

    No Srsly.

    Yeah their all kinda backstories/prophecy/character sets that ive been kinda building up in the back of my head of some of the characters. Pretty generic so far but eh havnt gotten that far yet :P No I didn't lol. I just gave you shit for it. I've got lots of Welsh in me :P
  4. asasin850

    No Srsly.

    Infy if I ever need help not being pathetic your the last person I'd go to for advice.
  5. The poor fool allowed himself to be drawn in to a simple feint. A flick of the wrist, a flash of the blade, and it was done. Another idiot. Dying nowhere, for nothing. Brave at least. Died on his feet, fighting. Half his mercenaries went down in the first charge. The rest died running. A gruff voice called, 'Hektor'. He was not a tall man, but Bairl was as wide as three normal men, with anvils instead of arms. Give him a monstrosity of a beard - a giant orange bush that spoke of an untold heritage in the southern isles - and you had an intimidating figure. He was an indomitable figure. When he spoke, you felt it in your bones. Now, he looked scared. Hektor's gaze followed his pointing hand. He was Hektor. A Fallen Hawk. They claimed to be mercenaries, but were really just very expensive, very efficient assassins. Their skill was well known. Their marks were famous. Anyone. Anywhere. If you wanted it you'd make a casual comment to a serving girl in a bar. tithe at a certain pool, and take a certain path to work. If they decided your prey was worthy. They would strike. And you would be forced to pay the bill. Examples had been made. A hundred lancers lined the ridge. The heads of Fallen scouts dangling from their spears, the warriors simply waited and watched. Hektor could see the man standing at the high watch, and the shock on his face. With a roar the riders charged as one. They shot through the air like nothing he had ever seen. One second they were on a crest in the distance. The next they were bearing down on the Fallen Hawks, radiating dark energies. He could not describe them, they had no definable aspects, and yet they could not be mistaken. He had seen them once before. They were the Dreffin. They were a myth, but scattered tales of their raids were growing more frequent. This was something more. They had come here in force. Whoever controlled them wanted something. Badly. The Fallen were stunned, but they were the best for a reason. Hurmal made for a rocky outcropping up the hill. Smart lad the mystic, if a bit green for the Fallen. In moments the entire band was falling into defeinsive positions around the outcrop. Except the ring guards. Marsh had always insisted on having three inner point scouts to watch the flow and catch any runners. But they were too far out. They knew the drill. First runner takes a stand. Taerin stoop his ground at a fallen ash tree. a sharp drop held his right flank, and the fallen ask stopped them from coming at his right. A fine place to die. He took three of the basterds with him.He always was one of the best. Klin was forced to stand in the open. He brought down the first horse with his body, and brought their charge to a halt. Mark almost made it. He made his final stand in the suns dying light. Then they were among the rocks. Hektor fell back with a pained gasp. twice the Fallen had pushed back the Dreffin. Twice more they had come. There were only a handfull left now. Merash led this crew. Bairl was still standing, head barely peeking over a mound of bodies. Four others. Only four. Of thirty. Instinct saved him. They came from everywhere, A final rush. A spear flashed, a sword fluttered, and a Dreffin died. An archer fell to the ground with a gurgle as Bairls thrown knife took him in the throat. Hektors spear lodged in the body of a second swordsman. He tore a wickedly scythed axe from the body of one of his brothers. Merash brought down a rider with a thrown spear. The horse faltered, and fell. Too late. Blackness overtook him. His last vision was of Hermal. His last memory, the words "Your service is honoured, Your deeds percieved, Your nature is known, And your worth Deemed. Go Forth brother. Rise. For you are no Fallen Crow"
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    No Srsly.

    The sas is on an epic literature rampage atm. Started off a bit dry (I was sober, at the pub, writing poetry on my phone cut me some slack. also not as pathetic as it sounds) But i think i hit my stride a bit as i got more into lore and storytelling But yeah All you trolls that im sure inhabit this place these days. Click on the literature thing. Read. And speak your mind. Also i dont know who mods this place anymore but yes this deserves its own thread we all know that forum is for decoration, just be happy i put one thread here and 5 there. I want some feedback on my random smashed writings!
  7. A whisper of sunlight filtered through the dank wooden boards above her. A tiny drivel of light, but real sunlight again. In the tiny wooden cage she was currently confined to, it was a gift of unparalleled value. She could tell from the sounds above her that the time was near. Soon she would leave her cage. Soon she would escape from this captivity. Soon... ... The streets here were more than dark. They actually seemed to suck in the light. It scared her. But she knew it was her solace. Her one place to escape from those who keep her in chains. Here. In these streets, among the filth and back alleys was her only chance to escape. She would be wary. Careful. Cunning. She would escape before it was too late. In these streets. Where no one was safe. Where a blink of an eye, was an eternity. Rough hands pulled her into a side street. The guards eyed her meaningfully. Those eyes. 'Be quiet...Or else' they said. Strange how at a time like this, she was able to stop and appreciate the ability to communicate through a stare. Her life was about to change, for one extreme of another. The group stopped under a dilapidated old hovel, as one of the guards removed a stone from his boot. Now was the time, her chance, her only chance. She had to take it while she could. Slowly. Carefully. She drew in a deep breathe to prepare herself. She deftly loosened the lock on her chains. A quick glance down the alley showed a handful of suspect figures. Thieves most likely. Good. As the manacles dropped to the ground, a proud woman broke forth from her bonds, to spring forth into destiny. Hands grabbed her. With a shrill shriek, the Pourtean Princess was dragged into the darkness.
  8. "The darkest of prophesies are those that have the faintest possibility of light. Sometimes those that are foretold are not fortold at all. For in darkness, there is always light, Order shall always seek to subdue Chaos, Chaos shall always seek to shatter Order, But the balance persists. When the scale tips too far... ....." ~Ancient fragment of parchment. Author - Unknown. Origin - Unknown Age - Unknown -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Of the Ghost we know so little. He is. Yet he is not. He exists. Yet he may never come to be. Is he real, or simply a reflection of a memory of lost knowledge. Is he here now. Or has he yet to arrive. Does he come to save us. Or to enslave us." ~Modissi's Tome of that Which Cannot be Known. Author - Modissi. Origin - Unknown Age - Appeared in widespread print some time during the Years of Chaos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This is the time for his arrival. The Priest kings were arrogant in their power. They tried to match their power against the natural order. They were fools. That which was meant to be.... has not come to pass.... instead we squalor here in between. Most would believe it a mercy. But they do not know. The balance must be restored. We know nothing of the Ghost except this. He alone has the power to sunder the balance permanently. The corruption must be purged." ~Intercepted communique. Author - Unknown. Origin - Unknown Age - 2 Years --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I knew these ruins contained treasures but I never knew what I would discover. My life is only as secure as my tongue. These glyphs speak of one who may come after all else has fallen. One who may halt the powers that be. It is not certain but if the seers of this ruin ha.." ~Secret Diary. Author - Amadon the Deciever. Origin - Recovered from heretical texts after The Arcanist Uprising Age - Unknown ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "....whence came the fourth and final fire unto the world. And the fire is the ghost. The one who is not. His coming is but a chance of a wish of a whim. As balance is absolute, but not certain, for the power undivided may break the cycle and sunder the world absolute" ~. Author - Excerpt from "Damen's Insight". Heretical text whose existance is known to few. Generally considered - by those few aware of its existence - to be mad rambling or heresy. Origin - Unknown Age - Unknown
  9. Amongst the littered hearts and minds of the hidden ones, shall the servant walk the darkest path of all, For she shall see the most wicked things done, and capture the wrongdoers in her thrall. For those whose great hearts are hidden away, Paralysed by fear and pain, She shall set the storms at bay, And release them from their chains. For those whose minds are hidden by deceit, Whose bindings prevent release, She shall force their demons to retreat, and bring them to the final peace. For those whose souls are bound in eternal torment, Ignorant of their folly and greed, They shall be judged by the course of their intent, And condemned by their greatest deed. For those whose bodies are enslaved by a greater power, Mindless husks without will, As this world nears its final hour, Their final wishes shall be fulfilled.
  10. Turmoil spins all of the the world astray, Chaos and disorder are Lord's of all that breathes. But order is to night as chaos is to day, With the masters coming the heavens heave. The master brings peace into the home, For where he walks the world's ills rest, And for as long as he may roam, He shall bring out life's best. The master brings peace into his life, For it is his life and he is master. He has solved all of his internal strife, And is able to help servants all the faster.
  11. Hooves churn at the earth as darkness surges forth, Overwhelming powers forge across the sea and the stone, He steels his heart as his soul soars North, This weary warrior now stands against darkness alone. The escape is clear but in flight lies despair, He must now atone for crimes of hope, The night closes in as doom hangs in the air, He stands his ground for dreams of hope. As death looms close he grasps onto fallen pride, And the strength is drained from his feeble hands, He falls there alone by the road side, Into the embrace of his brothers arms. Forward! He surges. Power in his veins. Pride and glory at his fingers again, And with his victorious last breathe, A warrior transcends death.
  12. asasin850


    Ahhh Infy I always knew come in useful <3 So i might start posting some short stories if i maintain this creative kickoff. Ive drafted a map and some background so some stuff has changed but i think you'll like it. Ill find somewhere relevant to post. In the mean time. Have a new map. (Apparantly the pirate dudes got cut out but their pretty much the same.
  13. asasin850


    Yeah hes got nothing. I rekon Bors has probably memorised the lore though :P
  14. asasin850


    I'm sad guys. How am i still #9 on the most posts list. Imean seriously I havn't posted more than like 10 posts/year in about 7 years... So depressing...... O hi btw. Just cruising through. Wassup. Does anyone have a copy of my old bladesong map? Or just... remember anything about the lore, layout, units, etc that i made? I was considering trying my hand at writing and since i already spent months building an entire world for that map i figured... why the fuck not use it
  15. asasin850

    Picture of You

    O hai someone listened to me. Avi continued being dumb and not banning. I almost miss the days when this place was governed by naz.... uhm.... power....uhhh... corrupted.... ban happy... guys... yeeeah.... My pics got blanked out by fags being fags :(
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