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  1. Yeah basicly ive come up with this so far The guys name is toxicity right? what was pretty toxic? German mustard gas in ww1. Who were the germans fighting? Russia Russia? best Russia is Communist Russia Who advocates for USSR? PONA all this is Ponas fault Case closed
  2. the only reason to donate to warclave is for gracias nsfw threads
  3. TehFebeb

    RIP Gamerisle

    Someone go find out if Panther finally found friends on reddit I bet thats why gamerisle is down
  4. If you guys dont like going to our forum you could also just write in this thread :-D
  5. Hello Diplo We are having a clan game of Hannibals genius map Warcraft Total war on the 5/11 20.00 CEST and i was hoping i could get some of you diplofags in an actual warcraft game :-D sign up here: https://www.warclave.com/threads/sunday-5-11-20-00-cest-warcraft-total-war.1700/ Also sorry to the admins for the advertisement, but its not to advertise our own site, its because we love you guys and want you to be part of the gamerino
  6. I like this map Please make less auras on the heroes and at least one stun ability per faction please :-D Right now there are too few activated abilities Also i like that you didnt use the qwer shit
  7. This isnt me telling them to do it. Its simply a petition to show them that brigandshaven sucks
  8. Who is Krotos? He moved the map here to diplo already so there is no reason brigandshaven should be written on the map
  9. Hey feguts Long time no see Its time to help your friend Tehfebeb fuck with the brigands. Its ur map anyway amirite? https://www.change.org/p/tehfebeb-remove-www-brigandshaven-net-from-lta-loading-screen
  10. KOSOVO IS SERBIA!!!!! and Scotland is British
  11. Time to weaponize Anden
  12. I played this map around 20-50 times in the last two years and every single time i played it i wish i hadn't joined it
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