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  1. sno

    Remember me?

    Aw. The winter weather is horrible for us not so healthy folk. Were they able to diagnose you with anything? Once they do that and find a way to manage your symptoms, things get a lot better. D: I had some dark times while they worked to figure out my problem. The kid is good. She goes to school now! She talks too much at home and not enough in school, so they thought she needed to be in ESOL. She is also a terrible thief and I'm in the process of teaching her the proper way to steal things without attracting suspicion. One day she'll be a master thief like her mother.
  2. sno

    Remember me?

    Ohh nooo! I'm sad you hear you're sick, Bane! Are you alright? :[
  3. sno

    So this happened today

    lol. I always make my age younger than what I really am! Did you forget or did I never tell anyone my real age? :| But it's true. It was good times goofing around on tinychat with you all. And I remember using BBC all the time in reference to 'big black cock', so I always think about it immediately instead of the British Broadcasting Commercial. I am corrupted. Hi.
  4. BIIIIIILD. You're right. You're still the prettiest Diploer around! ;3
  5. Oh yeahhhhhh. I remember that now. Sad.
  6. Haha. Thankfully she doesn't do that. Wasn't he the adorable young one that drew well? Or not well? I think.
  7. She's good. She is starting to talk too much. :|
  8. At Brasserie Beck. You should come eat food sometime. :D
  9. Yeah! I work in Gaithersburg in the Kentlands. :3 lol. I don't remember that.
  10. :3 I see scribbl has been dead the past couple months. Good to see you guys are still at it. Haha.
  11. What're you youths up to? Have y'all been behaving? D:
  12. Yes, Bane. She specifically requests tepid water and when I tell her to stop biting her nails, she says that she can't because she enjoys it... I can't wait until she goes to school.
  13. sno


    Happy New Year, Diplofolk! Hope you guys have been behaving... or not.
  14. Hello VanDenDale person!
  15. Congrats Abdel! Parenting is fun. Most of the time anyway. ;]
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