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  1. It's not an ISIS reality show, it's about Australians who are usually extremely anti immigration and they take them to countries to experience what asylum seekers go through in their home countries. It's not usually anything dangerous, mostly just living in poverty.
  2. Really? I feel like once you play x10 it's hard to go back to the normal version.
  3. The new styles are great, but I do prefer the old logo.
  4. Still feel like this season is a bit of a let down, 6 episodes in and I feel like nothings happened.
  5. Im not sure how to spoiler this so I'll just warn you here - Don't like the Sansa changes at all. Why would Petyr leave his most prized possession with a man who's known for betrayal, or in the grasp of Stannis. It's not something his character would do, I feel as though the storylines have been dumbed down in a way. Sure the Jaime Bronn synergy is nice but you can't just cut out huge events such everything in the Riverlands, we're just leaving the Brotherhood roaming it and Riverrun is just being ignored? The Vale has been cut and the producers just assumed we'd forget all about the Iron Islands. Also Kevan just get's up and leaves, what the fuck. These are only some of the changes too, I understand that cuts need to be made but honestly over half the story has been at this point.
  6. not a fan of the major changes so far
  7. I thought it was really good, but I don't get the praise on Doug's story line. I found it the worst part of the season.
  8. Watched the whole thing last night, 100% worth it.
  9. Uhhhhhhh he may of made that for a certain trolling session we had on here. But yeeaaaaaaaaa.....
  10. Why make a thread asking to unload when you've deleted threads/posts of criticism towards the map? I think you're lying to yourself if you say you're not afraid of criticism.
  11. I remember there was a site with every trigger in the map for some reason and if you scrolled to the bottom it had the secret codes, but I couldn't find it.
  12. The title of this thread is so misleading, I thought there was an Azzy Wars on Sc
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