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  1. I'm just generous like that. Also drunk/didn't think of it at the time I posted.
  2. lmfao yes, I posted lingerie pics. I originally posted them on Scribbl and one of the Diploers over there half-serious recommended I post them here. ffffhahaha oh god Diplo don't ever change~ <3
  3. Sorry I could have sworn I replied to this like a week ago. I'm not currently employed in the industry. I did work for a small start-up for a while but they didn't have their shit together and were being weird about paying me, so I didn't stick around for long. Not totally game design related but I did some contract work for StreamTV Networks last year doing depth-map keyframes (part of the process of converting regular scenes into 3D). We mostly focused on movies but one of the projects we got was doing the trailer for Battlefield 1 for people with 3D TVs. That was kind of cool.
  4. I think that might be a genetic thing, like how cilantro tastes like soap to some people.
  5. Yes I've noticed this too - different moods for different teas (and all of them are good). Chai tea is my favorite mood lifter. It caffeinates like green tea and makes me happy like chamomile.
  6. I do art. My degree is in Game Art & Design but I can apply that to a lot of things. (see below for info on Jeff) He's always had back problems from his time in the Marines and now it's just getting to be too much. It's degenerative and there aren't any procedures right now but he receives physical therapy, pain injections, acupuncture etc through the VA and it's better than nothing. As for work, not really, but his Disability rating recently went up to 100% and he got a fat raise in benefits though so it's not all bad. Just a few of you. Mostly Diploers who were on both Scribbl and TinyChat. It's so goddamn boring here. It's a cute town, but there's barely anything here. All the businesses are on one street. If you wanna go to Walmart or Costco you gotta drive to the next town. But yeah San Diego isn't cheap but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than San Francisco. I'm from Sacramento and people always ask why I didn't go to SF to pursue my career. It's because I don't want to pay $2000 a month for a shithole studio in a bad neighborhood. I can get a 2 bedroom apartment in Pacific Beach for less than that.
  7. Ugh yeah, it was sort of an accident that we ended up here and it was only supposed to be for 3 months, but it's been almost two years now. Basically after college Jeff and I wanted to move to San Diego to pursue our respective careers. I have a cousin in Ramona who was willing to rent her guest house to us for a few months until we got on our feet and could find a spot in the city. Long story short, that didn't exactly happen and now she wants the guest house back. She's not being pushy about it but she has made it clear it's time to go. I'm getting back on track now as far as trying to get a job in my field. idk I felt burnt out for a while after moving but my motivation is starting to return. And yeah the heat's fucking gross, especially when it gets humid.
  8. They both make me have to piss every 6 minutes for an hour or so. But what I've noticed with tea is the actual quality of the caffeine buzz. It feels pure and magical and happy. Coffee wakes me up but it's always either a neutral feeling (best case scenario) or an anxiety feeling (worst case). I still drink coffee though because I love the taste with hazelnut creamer.
  9. I moved to rural San Diego county in fall 2015 and since then I haven't really done anything productive or made friends with anyone outside of my workplace. Jeff's disabled now so to answer Infy's question, no we are not using the pull out method anymore because we don't fuck anymore. We still do oral though and I'm totally fine with that. OH HEY and I have to find a new place to live by the end of next month. The spot I'm in was only supposed to be temporary and the owner wants it back. Mace- I was drunk through most of the first season. I swear nothing important happened that has any impact on later seasons except for some symbolism here and there.
  10. I don't really have a social life anymore though so aside from today I pretty much just drink once a week. In any case though, congrats! I used to not have time for my hobbies. Now I have almost nothing but free time and now I just can't get back into a lot of them. :( Thanks. I don't go by that nickname though. Jer is fine but I don't prefer it. The ghost of the skeleton of a forum that got deleted back in 2012 that everyone has finally collectively agreed to let go of.
  11. YES. Season 1 was SO BAD in my opinion. I binged the first 3 seasons on Netflix and only pushed through that garbage because I heard the next two seasons were better. I was not disappointed. It's still a bunch of drama and a lot of the science is made up but it's far better crafted. Basically once all the adults get to earth at the beginning of season 2 is when the show starts getting good.
  12. Thanks for all the hellos, and it's nice to meet you all and also thank you to everyone else thank you for welcoming me back. Anyway, my favorite shows that I will talk to you forever about are Colony, The 100, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead/FTWD, Gotham, and Marvel shows. I recently started watching Westworld, Better Call Saul and Snowfall. Games, I'll admit I haven't been playing much of these days. I did just get Mass Effect: Andromeda though, which I'm liking. Fallout's probably my favorite franchise and I've been getting into TellTale games lately. Oh man, same. I kind of hate it though, but it's time it happened. I still drink once a week (either Friday or Saturday) or socially (which I'm totally doing today) but I don't sit around and drink by myself all the time like I used to. HEY NICE TO MEET YOU I remember you but I don't know if we ever talked rip in peace scribbz B I L D yoooooo <3
  13. Excuse me where are the rest of the Scribblgees I would like to organize a group puzzle/social night please help thank you.
    1. Acacia Noctis

      Acacia Noctis

      We're all on facebook
    2. CNiper


      So you're all lame? dang
    3. Acacia Noctis

      Acacia Noctis

      Yeah pretty much. When we realized Scribbl was fixed, some of us came back for all of about 2.5 days and then promptly forgot about it again
  14. I must say I like what's been done with the place, from what I've seen. I think I have logged on once since it changed but this is the first time I've really taken a look at it.
  15. It's good to see some familiar faces still here. For everyone else, I'm Jerrica. I like drawing, shitposting in facebook groups and discussing shows & games I like with people. What hobbies does Diplo have?
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