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  1. Mate you dodge questions like Kevin Spacey's accusers dodge bullets. Really badly. Anyways my point is - Do you see what I mean now? Certain things affect certain people in certain ways. And when you go personal, that's just a sign to your opposition - Whoever it may be - That it's acceptable for them to do the same. The smear 'White Nationalist' does not stain you the same way that it does Bors, but Islamist ... Now that's a different story. Now for what it's worth, I do understand that you're from Egypt. And I know this, and have known it for some time. But did you like it when I mistook the country where you came from deliberately? No, and I think you'd like it even less if I said all Arabs were exactly the same.
  2. <---- Is a White Nationalist. That's why he's an Asian who lives in a White country. T O T A L L Y L A D S 10/10 LOGICAL DEDUCTION And my point is - Context absolutely matters. Do you think making 'your mum' jokes is fine amongst early high school boys? Of course it is! It's a staple. But, at age 50, do you think it's appropriate to make 'your mum' jokes to someone whose mother you know died recently? Fuck no. That's what it means to have a grasp of the English language and Western culture. Or culture in general for that matter. Edit: Seems I hit a nerve there, ya daft ol' Salafist. Wanna go implement Sharia law? Fuck off then! Edit 2: You also still haven't answered my question. You can't dodge me this easily, Abdel.
  3. Go back home to Saudi then, Abdel. I know you're an educated man, so maybe you can go back and fix that shithole country of yours with your enlightened dictatorship that couldn't even hold an internet community together when people saw what it really meant. Fuck off anyway, America's too free for you. MAGA by leaving! Also: You didn't deny it.
  4. Actually, you understanding context would have prevented schism 2.0. Do you deny this? Edit: Also, understand this, Abdel. If you are going to go for personal attacks, that means it's fair game for us to do the same.
  5. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. I'm not gonna buy it, mate. Also re: Spank Sure, he may have laughed it off. But, uh, Spank has considerably less to lose, doesn't care about the community as much and also wasn't threatened with action in the same way that you did with Bors. Do not lie about this. I saw the logs. Edit: As to why I'm suddenly replying here - It's because of the sheer lunacy of calling Bors a white supremacist. You guys do know I'm an Asian, right? And you know I've been his flatmate for what - The past five years? More, now?
  6. THIS. THIS IS WHY I DON'T INVOLVE MYSELF IN DIPLO ANYMORE. What the everloving FUCK is with this constant stream of backstabbing and backbiting!? I only know a little bit about Fergus, but given what he faces, why the FUCK are you pressing him for additional responsibilities!? And after your recent spat with Bors, why the hell would he give you something that he's had a very, very tangible hand in creating - Something that he has put time and yes, lots of money into (which is more than can be said about you) - To someone who clearly doesn't respect him in the slightest!? Do you not know how people work!? Whatever happened to this community being about a bunch of mates having fun together!? Is this your idea of fun?
  7. The part about Bors and his (lack of) skill in RTS isn't satirical - It's the twuth. The man didn't know about hotkeys or unit grouping for the entirety of the time that we played WC3 together, and even to this day apparently still doesn't use them.
  9. Wow, and I thought my cheese sandwich was bad.
  10. [MEDIA=imgur]jvLkz10[/MEDIA] bors told me to post this
  11. Actually, the country with the worlds' biggest alcohol problem was, to the best of my knowledge, Czechslovakia.
  12. Hate to break it to you, Potatoe, but Glen does die. Gets his head smashed in by a bunch of crazy guys.
  13. >Viscount not realising that Botswana has a standard of living and literacy rate approaching that of a nation like Turkey, whilst surrounded by less-than-stellar and not-so-friendly neighbours >Viscount not realising that the high HIV rate is literally from immigrants from next door >Viscount not realising that Botswana is one of the few African countries without crushing post-colonial debt Yeah, you really don't do your research; you're just mad they've done better than you have with far less. And I bet you didn't even realise that Botswana was founded by a black man who traded away his princedom for the chance to marry his wife, a white Englishwoman.
  14. Last I heard, Detroit was actually getting cleaned up. Now the worst places, I hear, are downtown Chicago, Cleveland and the ever-present New Jersey. But of course, I'm not from the States, so I don't really know.
  15. >Viscount confirmed for not knowing about Botswana It can be done, even in Africa, but it ain't easy. But then again, I suppose I really should have known better; you never do your research. And Bors, all that is speculation. All of it. Nobody knows what might or might not have happened, and we all know you idolise and idealise the British Empire as being some benign entity that never does any wrong (and when you do admit that they do wrong, it's never even half as bad as their peers). The main reason why the British never really 'oppressed' the natives was not done out of any sense of altruism, as it never is, but simply because the colonies they had generally had little to no short-term economic viability as per the silver mines in Potosi and Zacatecas or the gold that was generally to be had in the New World. They needed to put some time, money and effort into making their newfound gains worthwhile (usually in the form of plantations), and the best way to go about this was to not anger the locals. Furthermore, while the rationale behind the American Revolution was obviously not as clear-cut and black-and-white as American history would have it, again, you stating that the entire Revolution was built on 'corrupt, greedy black marketeers and smugglers' is just about as accurate as portraying the British as 'evil, oppressive tyrants whom the American people justly rose up against'. And I don't believe you when you say you're merely taking the stance of someone who opposes the generalistic American revisionist view of it. There are better ways to go about doing that to provoke a reaction that simply equates to >lol butthurt britfag
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