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  1. I find it strange how people try to shame people for not being comfortable with "sexuelly outgoing" girls. I withhold the right to think whatever I wish about people past actions, and can deny their advances on me for any reason. I'm not going to bully a girl for finding a guy "dirty/spoiled" for having too many partners.
  2. Nerfed Storm Bolts? 1000 damage on 1200 health Heroes is a bit OP.
  3. Linkin


    I always welcome guys that use strange hieroglyphs.
  4. Had another game today. Played with sounds on and noticed that a lot of units have.. weird voice choices. You probably need to go through most units to get those proper.
  5. Up for a challenge for sure! Sadly no. As I stated it was only a feeling. Since the skill of players on each team was quite spread out. The communication skill was also a bit wonky for some players.
  6. I can second that that. [ATTACH=full]7005[/ATTACH] Not terribly fond of towers hidding in mountains. Sneaky beaky towers. [ATTACH=full]7006[/ATTACH] First win proper win. Must say that the games are awfully short. Once you win some you win all, just a feeling though. [ATTACH=full]7007[/ATTACH] Got terribly disapointed that I did not get both. [ATTACH=full]7008[/ATTACH] And forever immortalised Umbra's defeat at my great orange hands. Once more the game got steamrolled over when me and Blue won early on. We helped Red and crushed the Alliance, then I TP'd to Teal and saved him, close call. But ressing 20 units on demand was probably the way I showed my ''great'' saving skills. TP to pink, save him from the Evil Umbra. Lets say I had a slight gold advantage and then - Peace and GG. For some reason LB did not start with owning the World Tree so he never noticed the ability it had. Edit: Notice that you were very lax about using proper summon names. In the summoning spell in the editor has a buff you can attach, you probably know that. But it also used as the visual name shown in game on the summoning timer. Several summons are wrongly named.
  7. [ATTACH=full]7004[/ATTACH] Two Zandalari Betrayers join the Kul'Tiras at start.
  8. Well the game is interesting, had problems with brain dead team mates and lost. Tomahul and Mistergod refused to communicate, Mistergod starting roleplaying and went for bosses instead of doing anything. And yeah, War_Man was afk as well for while. Going to give it another go before I say anything.
  9. [ATTACH=full]7003[/ATTACH] Wish me luck!
  10. Not the icon I was pointing out, the ability refer the mage as a Blademaster.
  11. [ATTACH=full]6998[/ATTACH] Group hug.. perhaps a bit too close guys? [ATTACH=full]6999[/ATTACH] Multiclassing is pretty neat. Blademaster Mage. [ATTACH=full]7000[/ATTACH] Darius can summon Stratholme Knights? Neat.
  12. [ATTACH=full]6960[/ATTACH] The second icon doesn't have the proper icon boarder. My kind of nitpicks. Follow the blizzard standard.
  13. Reminds me of naming my first faction the Iron Alliance, then Blizzard released the Iron Horde in WoD. Still don't know how I feel about that one. Lel.
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