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  1. Hey mate, do you ever come online at Skype any more? Haven't seen you there for a long time. By the way, do you still play WC3? I've started playing again a little bit it lately but nobody's online ;__;
    1. Thurr


      My laptop is dead so I'm rarely on Skype. Once I get a new one that's going to change. Same goes for Wc3. I'm on Diplo a lot, tho.
    2. Joffrey


      By the way, we should do something about the DAoW:A map. So much effort has been put to it and it's a shame that it has not been released yet
  2. Joffrey

    Pizza vs Burgers

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyro_(food) It usually costs between 2-2,5 euros
  3. Joffrey

    Picture of You

    Time passes by fast you know..
  4. Joffrey

    Picture of You

    Been sometime since I last posted a picture, so there you go with a new one. That's me drinking whiskey in one of the best clubs in Athens [ATTACH=full]5520[/ATTACH]
  5. Joffrey

    Pizza vs Burgers

    The answer is easy. Burgers because they're much tastier. But I'd much rather eat greek gyros. It's the fucking best food in the world
  6. I remember joining Diplo due to playing DAoW
  7. Hey buddy, it's really been a while. I'm fine and I'm doing great actually. I'll try to stick around as much as possible. But what about you, how you've been all this time?
  8. It's called Constantinople
  9. Leaving my country will be my last option. I'll stay here to find somewhere to work and only if I really can't find anything that I like, I'm gonna leave. I love my country for many reasons so I'm not thinking of leaving at all. I'll have to be desperate to leave Greece.
  10. First of all thanks for the welcome. I'll stay in my country Greece for my studies and hopefully I'll find somewhere to work here as well.
  11. How come? I thought Crusader and Thurr were doing a good job. Although, I haven't tried the new versions myself. Sociology and once I finish with these studies, I want to study criminology. Well.. at least I've been here more than a lot of people..
  12. Well.. if the editors of LR want a helping hand, I can help them. Why are you asking? Sounds like you're talking about bad things..
  13. Well.. I'll be eighteen in the 1st of September. But it doesn't really matter for just 4 days, does it?
  14. So yeah it's been like a year since I last came here. It was a hell of a school year, quite difficult, but well.. it was my last year at school and now I'll start university in October. What about you Diplo people? How's everything going?
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