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  1. I think the main reason we failed was due to our lack of communication. Adding up to that me and Steak weren't experienced with the editor yet(Steak definitely was more experienced with the editor than me though), for example it took me a lot of time to do simple things in the editor despite trying really hard to do my best, so in our hurry to release the map we had lots of stuffs that needed to be fixed but we never tested the map to fix anything before releasing it. Actually, we did test the map each of us on our own but all we did was fix 5% of the bugs the map had. On top of that, after a while my free time was limited(DAoW didn't play a big part in this), so after the 1.87 versions we didn't communicate this much with the guys. Furthermore, as time passed, my motivation to edit was reduced, so progress became even slower than before. Dave literally had no idea how to edit a map, so that was a problem as well. So, basically what Djisa's saying is true. And to be honest, I really appreciate everything he did both in AWlr and DAoW and in helping me with the editor, because he put a lot of effort in it. He just did it the wrong way. Who knows what could have happened if he didn't add his own stuff and asked before doing any changes and if the whole team had better communication. And seriously Steak stop saying that I almost didn't do anything for the team. Do some self-criticism too. Surely you added many more things than me but adding things just for the sake of it, isn't the best idea. Your work had many more bugs and flaws than mine. It's not like everything's my or Dave's fault. Surely my contribution on AWlr was small, but don't discredit everything. Stop acting as a child and stop trying to protect your image. We ALL FAILED during our time editing AWlr and all 3 of us must share the same amount of this failure. It's meaningless trying to put the blame on others. The only reason I wrote this is because it's not the most pleasant thing seeing that my work is being discredited this much. It's not like I didn't try at all or didn't try enough. I really tried a lot to do my best back then. Surely, I wasn't skilled enough with the editor to be able to come up against such a challenge as editing a map at that time Thurr left the team, but as I said I did put a lot of effort in it. But it all belongs to the past now. P. S. I hope you weren't insulted Steak. Don't worry I got nothing against you, I still love you and everybody in here ;)))))
  2. The creator of the very first Azeroth Wars map. Otherwise LR and all its spinoffs wouldn't exist
  3. From what I know the project is not dead, but it's being updated slow because Krotos has too much stuff to do
  4. Hey mate, do you ever come online at Skype any more? Haven't seen you there for a long time. By the way, do you still play WC3? I've started playing again a little bit it lately but nobody's online ;__;
    1. Thurr


      My laptop is dead so I'm rarely on Skype. Once I get a new one that's going to change. Same goes for Wc3. I'm on Diplo a lot, tho.
    2. Joffrey


      By the way, we should do something about the DAoW:A map. So much effort has been put to it and it's a shame that it has not been released yet
  5. Joffrey

    Pizza vs Burgers

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyro_(food) It usually costs between 2-2,5 euros
  6. Joffrey

    Picture of You

    Time passes by fast you know..
  7. Joffrey

    Picture of You

    Been sometime since I last posted a picture, so there you go with a new one. That's me drinking whiskey in one of the best clubs in Athens [ATTACH=full]5520[/ATTACH]
  8. Joffrey

    Pizza vs Burgers

    The answer is easy. Burgers because they're much tastier. But I'd much rather eat greek gyros. It's the fucking best food in the world
  9. I remember joining Diplo due to playing DAoW
  10. Hey buddy, it's really been a while. I'm fine and I'm doing great actually. I'll try to stick around as much as possible. But what about you, how you've been all this time?
  11. It's called Constantinople
  12. Leaving my country will be my last option. I'll stay here to find somewhere to work and only if I really can't find anything that I like, I'm gonna leave. I love my country for many reasons so I'm not thinking of leaving at all. I'll have to be desperate to leave Greece.
  13. First of all thanks for the welcome. I'll stay in my country Greece for my studies and hopefully I'll find somewhere to work here as well.
  14. How come? I thought Crusader and Thurr were doing a good job. Although, I haven't tried the new versions myself. Sociology and once I finish with these studies, I want to study criminology. Well.. at least I've been here more than a lot of people..
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