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  1. So, no one want to ressurect this project?
  2. I can suggest a list of events for LB and Orange. After 5 min, they can choose their allies. LB can join to the horde ( LB write - offer and Brown need to write - Accept) Brown will gain boost for night units, and grey will gain boost for mages, LB will gain small orc bace near Alterac. OR LB can ally with Orange, but he must capture silvermoon and orange must capture Violet Citadel. If orange accept LB, both sides will gain a hero and special elite. LB will gain elite - Horde Shaman Orange will gain Ethas Sunreaver. Also Orange can ally with Aliance like LB ally with Horde. If Aliance accept their ally, Orange will gain Elite - Aliance Paladin Aliance will gain hero - Veeresa Windrunner for DG and .... for Yellow
  3. Another suggests (mainly for DG) -Rework voljin skills and model to shadow hunter please) -Give gorehowl to garrosh only if he is win thrall in a duel. -Give another model to SI7 agents plz. They must be male!!1! -Give new building to stomwind "workshop" where you can train SI7 rogue and Catapults and upgrades for them. -Give charge or Critical strike to footman, but remove steel plating. -Replase 7legion champion to another elite plz, or change skills. -Give Bolvar for DG and Varok for Brown after lich king wrath is begins as a demi hero. - Replace hero bolvar to another. Like Matias Show or another. -Give Stormwind very small base in Stranglethorn vale for vision.
  4. Hello! I havent direct suggestions but i think that: DG - need to change elite unit. - need unit like 7legion infantryman or increase footman - change footman model to standart PLEASE!!!! - change evil path from Katrana to Edvin plz.(I mean that Brotherhood win ...) Orange - I think he has to choose between might, magic or evil. Example ( you know about evil path - nexus, evil Jaina ect...) BUT if you want might (Kul Tiras) you need to defeat bloodsail buccaneers in Stranglethorn vale (captain Firallon). If you done there, you will gain new elite, all you might units get buff, and Tandred wil become a hero if he is alive. If you want to go magic, you need to clear earth around Violet Citadel in northend. If you do that, you will gain buff for all magic units, new elite, and new hero Ronin ( Silvermoon will gain Ethas, and Stormwind will gain Veerisa) Pink - Please, remove windwalk from the start for Burning blade master. It is so imba i think. Grey - Im dont play on grey usually, but i suppose that he need some navy defence against orange. Thats all for the time, ill suggest anythink later)
  5. Wow, im hope that DAOW will be ressurected by you Kolos :3 Im going to download and testing))
  6. Hello guys! Lately, I've played a lot of DG and I noticed that 3 improvement in the house of nobels leaves me no choice. Because navy researsh sucks ... no? Please, If I'm wrong, tell me in what cases to take navy?
  7. -I dreamt about adding Edwin Van Cleef path for DG :3 Not as a demi hero and 1 unit. Like a second chance, or evil path :] -And on the search button game specifically for AW :D
  8. yea! Add good path for Blood elves plz. Example: After cleaning sunwell Lor`themar Theron became new general of the Blood Elves. Boosts for Blood elves: -You will lose solarian, Anveena and Pathaleon but gain Lor`Themar, and Rommath. -You cant train Eredar warlock and blood warriors, but blood knights and Priests will replace them. -All Elves get increased health (100), attack (7) protection (1). And new quest for good blood elves./Oppositely summoning Kil'jaeden. -You can ally with Dalaran(orange) and gain Ethas sunreaver and new elite( i dont know:D) -Or you can ally with Forsaken(Light blue) and gain another hero and new elite. Thats all)
  9. im want to see new evil path for DG) Brotherhood maybe? This path of katrana not good as well i think.
  10. Hello everyone) I have 1 favorite Faction in warcraft lore, but here is not in game - It is Brotherhood if Justice and Syndicate (Pirates and rogues at all) :D In game i like first Stormwind(Evil Path) Second Silvermoon elves( If i want war with red - it is Forsaken, If i want war with DG - It is Kael) That all. P.S. Bad english( sorry.
  11. I think, that Theramore&Scarlet need change. Because theramore now, like a trolls, but they are too weak. Scarlet-(i dont know why) but the most of players says that they are imba!
  12. on this version, no. Mafia sad, that he want to add Nefarious Event, but he need suggestion about this.
  13. And why Ronin is melee hero? i Think he is Arhi Mage =\ And 1 more suggest, Maybe do some quests for Dalaran? Example: If you will drain power of Nexus, LB or Teal will get Dalaran( I mean Qul Thalas will get it) , or if Orange capture Dalaran, he an ally with Quel Thalas( Teal or LB) , And this races will be buffed( Orange able to train new units, hes Mages become stronger - Thanks to Elven mages) Quel THalas will get a hero(Ethas Sunreaver, and get Dalaran Agent-elf form). OR you can do this with Stormwind( If you will chose Aliance, Your melee units will be more stronger - Thanks to Stormwind Veterans) , Stormwind will get a hero Vereesa Windrunner and her Elves P.S. Sorry for bad english.
  14. Mafia, after theramor losing allies, i think he need second chance. Couse if he will lose theramor, stormwind can destroy kul tiras in 70% games, i dont know what you can do, but now Orange play only in Theramor or Kul tiras. He cant save all of this Isles. my Suggestion, maybe some buff Kul tiras? I mean more starting units. but there are pros and if you finally decided to lose Theramore, then you can quite successfully pressed against the wall of Stormwind if Illidari plays well.
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