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  1. [quote name='Feanor']@ZepOl.[/QUOTE] Ye sluttt
  2. ZepOl.

    Diplo DC meetup

    Brunch aye...fancy cunts.
  3. He sure did but Gibbon is a fuckwit <3
  4. Good ol Kiev. Oi check out Charlemagnes contemporary in the east, Empress Irene, she had her own son blinded. Sick cunt.
  5. ZepOl.

    Picture of You

    That leather jacket but.
  6. Move to the east! Byzantium is way cooler :D Which chronicle - slavic one?
  7. Hmm...Charlemagne is a little to early for me. Is this just for personal interest or?
  8. ZepOl.

    Picture of You

    Spot ZepOl.[ATTACH=full]6112[/ATTACH]
  9. ZepOl.


    [quote name='Feanor']What if I can handle but have no desire to handle "the gays, bi's, or transsexuals"? I mean some of them might appreciate being handled, but it's been my experience that most are no more eager to be handled by me then I am to handle them. That having been said, we've had one of the gays here. @ZepOl. with any luck will still come by at least every once in a while. I'm still not going to handle him though.[/QUOTE] Dont lie cunt :D [quote name='OmegaKnight'] Feanor made a good point, i have a slightly different one. No problem with gay's, or lesbians, but i actually dont like transsexuals at all. But outside this, the difference is the LGBT community is different from the singular people, just like femminists are different from singular women, and imo, LGBT is cancer just like feminist. Typical example of LGBT supporter >they claim we re people with mental issues? >if i dress in a ridicouloius way they will change their mind for sure.[/QUOTE] Why do you dislike transexuals?
  10. You need to work a second job to help pay back your debt fuarkkkk. What is the average first year teacher salary in the US?
  11. ZepOl.

    Naval Action

    ew gross never neutrals
  12. ZepOl.

    Naval Action

    Okay okay, I'm prepared to sail under a heretic flag....only if its pretty - Dutch? Bores I'm saving for this game so give me a month or so - building a pc huzzah
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