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  1. True, at least folks are posting in it. I think my intro thread got like 4 replies. Fuck you guys. Anyways welcome aboard Garcia, I'm late to the party but welcome to the chub club.
  2. I actually had extremely good service with Luna. They were very polite and professional, replied in a VERY timely manner, and excessively considerate. For example, my personal bot took 3 days to update for a wc3 patch. As an apology, Luna gave me 6 months of extra bot-rent for something that was perfectly understandable and didn't even need an apology. I got an email the moment this new patch issue arose, given a 2-3 week headsup, with reinbursement for all of my remaining rent time. Beyond that, they were an incredibly cheap service cost wise, and were much more pleasant and professional than most major corporations. So how in the fucking hell does that make them stealing whores.
  3. Wasn't my best comparison, but. People who have custom ratings at the moment 'earned' them in a way through being involved in the community consistently and for a long time. Should still be able to get one through paetron, but shouldn't remove the hallmark ones from 'pillar' community members, either.
  4. Still pay sales/rent/insurance/tuition tax tho. No income tax unless they get a job afaik. But its not like immigrants pay 0 taxes. Back on subject: (not talking at war4life, just the royal 'you') Also getting yourself 100k in debt is retarded. That requires taking loans outside of governmental loans, either through your bank or college, who obviously are far more intent on making short-term cash off you. Rule of thumb is to not acquire more debt than you expect to make in your first year. Ex., starting salary is 60k, don't go more than 60k in debt. Also, work through college you fucknugget. I go to a pricey university, and a good chunk of the student base doesn't work. They live on/near campus, party, study, go to class, sleep in, sleep around, and treat it like its a big party with boughts of studying inbetween. No shit they end up so far in debt. I've been working through college and going to an expensive university; got 4 years worth of degrees in 3 years, working on another degree, and won't have more than 25k in debt, but am expecting to make 65k my first year on the job, while maintaining a 3.2 GPA average. No i'm not pulling a 4.0, but I also haven't been fucking around and being a man-child for years while digging myself a hole i'm going to be filling back up for the next 15 years. Trying to find a cheap way out by signing up to a 'whore yourself out' shady service, then being surprised when there's abusers or things don't turn out that well, is like being surprised at a loan shark blowing out your kneecaps because you lost 400k gambling. It's being a short-sighted dipshit. So again, no, I don't feel bad for these idiots. I don't think it's right they have been abused, but I also don't think walking into a lion's den covered in raw steak is a good idea either.
  5. I mean I get the site's gotta be funded, but removing features because now you can get perks for donating is like removing existing content from a game and making it DLC. "Oh hey guys, the Humans race is now a paid DLC for wc3 because we need to fund the battle.net service"
  6. I'm a day late but happy birthday ya cucks. I haven't been around all 10 years, but at least I've been around for over half. Here's to another 10
  7. Wanting to wear a dress just because you're a dude doesn't make you genderqueer or genderfluid or whatever. It means you like wearing a dress. It's a little weird to society, than, say, preferring wine over beer, but it doesn't somehow magically change your gender. It's just a preference or a trait or something different about your tastes. I legit don't understand these big floppy wiener fights over being a man or a woman or a helicopter or a potato or a jar of mayonnaise. If you want different parts, alright, that's one thing. Maybe you like the idea of having a vagina instead of a dick and that gets you going. But your gender? Who gives a fuck? Why does your gender matter at all? It doesn't. It has no meaning. It is 110% a label they want on themselves to feel special. Beyond that, it literally means nothing. If I told you I'm a genderqueer demigod ponymaster, what the fuck does that mean to you? What if I just said "Oh sometimes I like to act/dress feminine, and I like ponies." Nice, that's a personal trait, some interests I have. Not my fucking gender. Labeling people via 'gender' is nonsensical to me. Your sex is important for personal health and reproduction and dating and sports, and only then. Outside of that, even your sex is irrelevant. Your gender isn't important ever.
  8. Pretty much anyone who 'identifies as genderqueer', I assume they're either autistic, or socially retarded.
  9. As far as the abuse warnings go, no shit. You reap what you sew. Nothing is free, least of all money. Dipshits.
  10. Kalthramis

    Ask Diplo

  11. Kalthramis

    Ask Diplo

    Do you guys legit not remember that girl? She was a redhead who posted on here a few years ago. She got engaged while she was a Diplo'r, also lived in utah. Her boyfriend proposed to her in a hotel, and recorded it, and she uploaded it here on diplo. Name was like Caustus Marocus or .something like that. C then M. I have a girl, with red curly hair, like her, with a boy friend who looks familiar, who are from the same city she moved to, that come into my restaurant, and are total jackasses. If anyone can find the video (I've tried and failed), I can see if they are the same person, in fact, and know that a Diplo'r regularly treats me like shit and scuzzez my tip several times a week.
  12. Kalthramis

    Ask Diplo

    Dear Diplo, where's that proposal video of that redhead girl who also lives in Utah? I think she comes into my restaurant and is a total short-tipping cuntweed of a human being. Assuming it's the same person.
  13. Fuckin' hell you guys always happen to put the shit games on the only days i'm available
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