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  1. After years of ridicule, Bors has finally realized the only way he can get a threesome is through rape.
  2. Isn't that how its always been with TKOV?
  3. But that's not what I did. And Van already talked and were cool. But you can feel free to white knight him.
  4. I didnt come up with the ambush meme if that's what you're implying. But this wouldnt be the first time you've accused me of something without bothering to check your sources.
  5. Dont worry, were all glad you left too. Keep it that way.
  6. Typing the N-word with exaggerated letter counts and all caps doesn't constitute an argument Bors.
  7. Unquestionable more disgusting than our and neko.
  8. You're pinning too much on Abdel here. I was in charge; it was my call. I made the agreement with Old Guard to have the articles published in the Praetorian and to have the Praetorian release shortly after the announced Old Guard deal. I also checked in with you and you told me getting the next Praetorian out in two weeks wouldnt be an issue. I asked you repeatedly if you needed help and what I could do to help. You either brushed me off or ignored me when I asked. If your father and job were a real problem to your ability to make that deadline, then the time to say so was when I asked you if you commit to it. Instead, you pulled those excuses out when you were already a week late. Abdel and I at that point were quite frustrated with how you had ghosted us. Neither of us ever had an issue with the way you pushed Praetorians out. It was always with your inability to clearly state how each Praetorian was progressing and when we could expect a release. You disappointed us. But make no mistake, you werent demoted due to anything related to the Praetorian. You were demoted because you decided one day that you needed to be allowed to say the n word.
  9. Oh boy, this is kinda stupid guys. You guys have been really really spoiled. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised considering Bors and Feanor are both technologically illiterate. @Baledwyr you shouldnt have been attaching files to the site in the first place, but I went ahead and switched your images to image links like they should have always been.
  10. Cniper's thing says I'd order the puppets to the front. That's the three of you.
  11. That's right, Abdel, Spank, and Burden to the front. You'll be the first to die for our glorious Diplomunion. Jayhana, Billy, and I, as D&D players will sit here playing our next session ontop of an Oliphant.
  12. Bors, so unoriginal you used the same response twice!
  13. There is Warcraft 1 footage. It's the clip of Stormwind Keep at the very beginning. WC1 didn't exactly have a lot of cinematics.
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