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  1. We felt like shedding the fat.
  2. The North always wins, @Bors
  3. I eat pineapple and I'm proud of it.
  4. The_Phalanx

    My Ratings!!!

    The specialest of ratings!
  5. I could really play some Genesis of Empires right about now haha
  6. More teasing than anything else.
  7. Abdel I'm disappointed it's spelled Ellesai. Also no Colony Builders on that list.
  8. Is it white guilt when Blid complains about being discriminated against because he's Jewish? Because you seem to fail to understand that I am an Arab. There are plenty of people out there who call me ethnic, they don't consider me white because I'm not a WASP. I do not have an English name, I don't have a Protestant background, and for most of my life I've lived in the US as a non-citizen. So please, continue to explain to me how my experiences with discrimination in the southern US is indeed 'White Guilt'.
  9. >Doesn't understand the problem >Won't learn about the problem Cool story, bro.
  10. Well, you don't. Take some sociology courses and go learn about it. Right now, your claim is that it happens everywhere. Can you please provide for me sources that shows this phenomenon happens everywhere?
  11. Nodle, you don't even live in the US. I wouldn't expect you or Steak to understand.
  12. If that's your argument, then you don't understand institutionalized racism.
  13. I think you need to do some research into sociology experiments meant to try and measure institutional racism within the United States. This isn't 'White Guilt' -- I fucking see this shit first hand because my brothers don't look anywhere near as white as me. I got a bit of genetic lottery looking the way I do and not how they look. But beyond that, there's plenty of research into it that exist that proves that institutional racism exists within the US. One of the easiest types of experiments done is to create fake resumes and attach pictures of them. The resumes are identical except for the names and the pictures. Half the resumes are given names that you would associated with black persons, such as Jamal or Tyrone or Shanta, along with a picture of a black male or female. The research always shows the white resumes have a much higher chance of proceeding further along the interview process than the black resumes. When done on a large enough scale, some of these fake candidates will get picked up because of Affirmative Actions, but because of the wide range of jobs and large enough sample size, it won't be enough to make a real difference. The whites will get hired more often, even though the only difference is their names and the color of their skin. That is institutional racism. White guilt and Sarah Palin got Obama elected. Racism and sexism got Trump elected.
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