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  1. Your still allianced with others, just sayin
  2. So, I understand why all the fingers were pointed at me, but to be fair I do have quite a bit of evidence to show that I didn't do anything. I was just starting to make friends with people in the faction then I got booted, made me quite sad :'(. I really enjoy the faction, kinda the only reason I play on the server now. All I ask is to be let back in.
  3. He has an alt in diplo, and he has others in some of the high ranked factions, he told me all of this, no clue why though. He wouldnt tell me the username of the account he used to grief diplo though.
  4. I don't think our server has those mods, but it would definitely help.
  5. Also jermms from suns saw him say it all so yeah.
  6. Also, this Tarnation said he has Multiple accounts, that he uses for griefing. He wouldnt tell me the name of his account in diplo though. Proof I did nothing?
  7. I didnt grief anyone, why would I donate to the faction then try to get my ass kicked from it? With suns, lord told me that they were moving so he told me just to take whatever.
  8. I didn't actually, fingers just got pointed towards me. Also, I donated $50 for you guys -.-
  9. Thanks for kicking me from the faction guise, means alot.
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