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  1. No comrade, but I am willing to overlook your pineapple-chauvinism toward the ultimate goal of proletarian revolution.
  2. Oh so comrades come rally and the last fight let us face The internationaleeeeeee Unites the human (*hiccups*) race
  3. I think it came about as a result of conflating the term for someone from Ellessai (Ellessetian) for the polity.
  4. Am I still a hero character in "Rise of Ellesetia" (who the heck spelled this smh)
  5. This thread is a lot to handle early in the morning.
  6. Ethnomusicology is fun. I have a friend who is reading for their PhD in this right now.
  7. Okay but pineapple is good on pizza though. Especially with spicy peppers.
  8. @Baledwyr DM me when you get a chance on discord, my handle is Hoarmurath#7426.
  9. Yeah it's not great, but I read over some of them, and many of them were so old that they were pretty much broken anyway (because the users didn't migrate, maybe?) Anyhow, it's still giving me the notification when I went to DM you just now @Abdel, is it a 1 message cap? Lol
  10. @EagleMan yeah unfortunately I deleted a lot of history trying to make it go. DMs with Green, King, et al from 10 years ago. Sad.
  11. Hoarmurath


    hi some of you may have herd of me before but I just wanted to DM Abdel and it's telling me my inbox is fullsies so instead I thought I'd just post in the forums and see what is up with you all
  12. I know nothing of this email, I'm actually here looking for one or two players for a Pathfinder campaign that is down a few regulars. But I guess cyberbullying never goes out of fashion here. :D Mandrew Shephard never forgot
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