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  1. green if you dont mind aslong as it isnt friday or saturday
  2. Back in mah day we never we never had so many bug to make it to e *hipster*
  3. Azothan our Beloved caster is going thru some financial issues and is currently going to have to live in his car for a month, so i say we show our support and make a donation box to show our support (p.s i will not be running the box and hopefully azothan will set it up so we can help him)
  4. First azeroth wars lr 1.86a livecast is up for anyone interested
  5. you guys seriously need to beta test these and i have no idea why you changed dg he was perfectly fine
  6. lastly you can always check http://makemehost.com/lobby-and-queue.php for games
  7. Its still more balanced then DAOW
  8. Delays on episode 5 of livecasting due to finals, projects, work and lots more stuff. and for those of you that havnt seen episode 4 here it is Dalaran survivors
  9. Hummm this seems like a good idea i think i could do a few short video on basic strategies on the more basic races, do you think that would be a good idea?
  10. compared to spell immune rag yes he is easy
  11. After plenty of technical difficulties i finally got my live cast out Dech's Livecast Azeroth wars episode 3: Point Proven Suck it steak
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