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  1. >eagleman thinking that pink is a weak slot and not capable of soloing balkans atm
  2. Hello Eagleman, here is some consensus based change for next version; Remove Sicily's capital and rax, move it to Naples (City South of Rome) and add the rax there. Reasoning; concentrates more income and infrastructure on mainland italy, not as damaging to italy for losing navy because they keep 3/4 of their inf production on the mainland now). On the other hand, adds more value to Italian mainland and it's more damaging for Italy to lose it. Also, we are considering giving Constantinople to Green when Bulgaria joins the war, a long with the rax and factory but we are discussing this more. Thoughts?
  3. I need players of either team to either PM me here or on Discord with their vote for who they nominate as captain.
  4. Addison, I am going to try to arrange some streamers. Also, I am pleased to confirm Blood.Sean will be returning to the game for this series.
  5. No also, we are going to try to have an A team and a B team. so the B teams will play against eachother as well as the A team, that way everyone will be able to participate.
  6. We are looking to do a USA rest of world game, best of 3. We should set a date. Perhaps next weekend if there is a time that works for everyone. @EagleMan your country will need you, perhaps you will decide to play the game you mapmake for instead of abandoning it for casual, normie HoTS games. Eligible players listed below; [B]USA:[/B] Eagleman Bsx-Alpha6 Tech0ff Devils_Food Blood.Sean Derdan DontBanTheMan Blackknight- Ultimajames KrispyKremeKrew Lulzy Ghr2 [B]Rest of World[/B] Inside Numudan AdmiralGuim TrencH] Blackjacks TheVinylRaider aPerson Drdgvhbh Pusan My_ass_says KingRobb Eljacko 12345p Pls post available times thx. Also, can we get a quick updated version for the PTR that puts in lets say four obs slots so we can potentially get this streamed?
  7. Nah, was thinking of a Discord ISH ELO Bot or something to that effect.
  8. We should try to move to an actual ISH ELO system
  9. tfw we will see istanbul all ins now with a warsaw sacrifice
  10. Ok good changes Eagleman we can go from here and see how balance has been effected
  11. >Maphacker ranked #2 I'd put Person at 10 personally but lately he has been exceptionally bad
  12. fort trench cost needs to be increased, I recommend 50g. Atm it has been ridiculously spammable and it's killing game.
  13. Well we will see if the new Revo change makes Russia OP or not.
  14. im going to write an actual post on making a 7v7 later, but this is what needs to be done atm
  15. centrals are OP atm, i think it's pretty undeniable. It's a combo of the fact that red is often very much just unable to do anything/revo is overpowering and italy is very hard to play vs a dedicated pink. I think the immediate thing needs to be a change to revo so that it will not occur if Russia has all of its capital still. We need to eliminate the need for an additional capital IMO. Thoughts?
  16. Not really. We are seeing players like blackknight/ghr2 become more reliable/better than for example, veterans like Pusan and mass. Last night just brought that to a head.
  17. the French infantry trench building model is fucking hilarious lol
  19. yeah because you added tanks to EVERY other nation already for no reason
  20. >tsar tank are u fucking kidding me eagleman
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