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  1. No 6v6 plz if no good players. Reserving France btw
  2. I don’t think anyone should be forced into clan GoTE or clan whatever. A large part of the fun was the different clans coming together on Diplo and the competition that spawned out of that.
  3. imagine putting LSI on this poll
  4. Hello everyone. As WC3 is Diplomunion's marquee game, and as Reforged will be coming out on January the 28th, we wanted to christen its release by hosting WC3 Reforged 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments. The WC3 Reforged 1v1 Tournament will take place on Sunday February 1st at a time voted by the majority. 2V2 sign ups will follow shortly depending on 1v1 interest. The 1v1 Tournament will take the format of a standard bracket elimination tournament provided there are enough players. Otherwise, round-robin may be implemented. Prize for first place to be announced, but we can tell you that you will get your own unique discord colour and title until the next reforged 1v1 tournament. The 1v1 Tournament will take place on Sunday February 2nd at a time agreeable to the majority. A map pool will be released in the coming weeks, along with a more detailed breakdown of tournament structure. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR SIGN UP Sign ups will be open Friday 11:59pm est at which point all tournament entrants will be finalized.
  5. Bors out here sounding like my ex gf with the “k”
  6. War4life

    Debate Question 4

    The fact anyone would question my commitment to the community or to the people in it is amusing. Since my arrival I have been active, non stop, despite going through law school and now being a lawyer. I’m in the middle of closing a massive financing and taking the time to write this answer out right now. I am easily one of the oldest most consistently active members. I have been a tireless promoter of wc3 and my beloved eagleman abomination maps since time Immemorial, and I’ve been a constantly active banjoball player. I have shown more dedication than pretty much all but a few, so I wonder who is questioning my commitment. Just because I don’t like to play DND or 7 days to die or whatever role play shit others play doesn’t mean I don’t have commitment. I’ll take that tribune spot, thanks.
  7. War4life

    Picture of You

    where's lotsw though eagleman????
  8. War4life

    Picture of You

    Beard looks good, but yeah please clarify
  9. War4life

    Debate Question 3

    I used to wonder why Feanor was a mod. But consider this - he has been active on the forums, wandering its lonely halls, for years, despite the great discord migration. That is dedication, and for that he deserves credit. Even if all he does is make jokes that were questionably funny even ten years ago, you have to respect his dedication to diplo and the forum. “Why is feanor a mod?” Is a meme as stale as the pedophile jokes from feanor tbh. But let me tell you something - why is feanor a mod will quickly be replaced with “why is walrus a tribune?” should he be elected (I know stormy isn’t a serious candidate so there’s nothing to fear there). You know what nobody has ever said??? Why is Trench shaman of GoTE. You know what nobody will ever say?? Why is Jimmy Tribune - because it is a position that only the pillar can meet the demands of.
  10. War4life

    Debate Question 2

    It's adorable being attacked by two people who demonstrated absolutely zero leadership post schism of DGCord, one of whom fucking resigned and the other of which is now desperately peddling for a tribune spot here as the fucking house burns downs over on DGCord. But we can approach this on a case-by-case basis. Also, since Walrus has violated the 1025 rule and Stormy now has violated the 1025 rule (coincidence that two DGcord former-admins have reading comp issues??? I think not) I'm going to go ahead and exercise my right to do the same. I am undoubtedly the only competent person here who can actually advocate for the best interests of members, rather than basically being a "MUUUHHH DG CORD" mouthpiece. We can start with Walrus. Walrus, you promised a merger - you came up short. And what happened when it didn't work out? You resigned from DGcord and tried to make a half-ass apology for your constant flaming of abdel and the administration in the last few weeks once your other avenue to power was closed off. I had the unfortunate experience of watching fully fetal walrus with his thumb up his ass rage typing essays at Abdel every other day because someone had their video deleted in the pub. If you're losing your cool over that, what the fuck are you going to do when Abdel bans someone persistent refusal to use his boomer calendar? Walrus, is a sensitive lad andt exposed to the shit flinging and trial-by-fire of Diplo because of his lengthy absence, and so his emotions get in the way of good governance. Walrus my son, step aside and let daddy Jim lead the way - take my hand. And who the fuck even is "Stormy"? Seriously. Walrus at least has my respect for having been around during the WC III Era. All I see from "Stormy" are grammatically butchered Brexit rants and stale memes about the schism. Consider this; my campaign poster was OC from the heart - "Stormy's" campaign pitch was paid content full of fucking rehashes on the same joke. I am genuine, I run for Tribune from the heart. "Stormy", much like Walrus, is fake, and he runs for tribune now that the walls are coming down on DGCord and he might be shut out. I mean for fuck's sake, Stormy's one fucking job on DGCord was treasurer and he couldn't even do that right - everyone on DGCord is getting refunded left right and center. What kind of Treasurer can't even keep his organizations fucking books in check??????? Let's stop pretending like overly hormonal beavis and butthead are suitable candidates and realize that the only one who will actually do the job here is me.
  11. Remember when I asked for this end of July, so I could play it. And here I fucking am dying in November and still no LoTSW.
  12. War4life

    Debate Question 1

    Diplo has always been a gaming community and it always will be. It's the common thread that keeps us together, not "lifestyle" or "shitposting(???)". With respect to expansion plans - we have to actually consolidate the important game(s), aka wc3 before we establish a 'foothold' anywhere else. WC3 usually attracts the most passionate and active players and must be the focus.
  13. War4life

    The Candidates

    Party: The People's Pillar Party Platform: My primary goal is to focus on wc3 reforged and the opportunities that presents. Diplo was fundamentally a wc3 community and it will be made to be again one way or another. Beyond that I'm here to ensure people stop putting their feelings, egos and friendships before the benefit of the community. About me: Do I need an introduction? I am a pillar of diplo. I have been part of diplo for a decade plus. I have been at the head of some of the most toxic communities known to mankind and had them thrive. I have managed to maintain my sanity despite years of knowing cell_destroyer. Critically, I am not IRL friends with any of the administration and therefore can actually recognize when biased, unprincipled decisions are being made. I have not camped outside anyone's house in an attempted ambushes, nor have I sent meaningless and hollow "legal" threats to people I once called friends while subsequently attempting to deny that there had been a 'schism' (something something unbiased unprincipled etc). I won't steal your woman during a role-play session but I also won't steal your role-play session. I will not pander (in the hopes of directorship) to former LR cave dwellers who spam the discord with the following words: "eu4, soviet, furniture, XD, 'women dumb' and 'XD'" while also jacking off to the Russia Today feed of the latest Putin photos on their phone before falling asleep on a sheet-less mattress on the floor of their mother's basement. I do not have delusions of grandeur and do not believe that Diplo is my get rich ticket, and I also probably won't abandon you all to pursue a hopeless streaming career so I don't have to actually face the real world and grow up. At the same time, I won't stand idly by while the community falls apart while occasionally posting pictures of the progress on the growth of my chili peppers. On my watch and with all of your help, we will end the kumbaya hand holding circle jerk era and we will put Diplo back on course to be a proper gaming community, with proper banter and proper fun where we put games first and feels second. This is also an appropriate time to unveil my campaign poster, so please enjoy.
  14. War4life

    Life Lessons

    This is proper forum use. Bors has been thoroughly btfo.
  15. I will undoubtedly be given tribune by right
  16. Well the original version of that was in Azeroth wars with a TP scroll and zeppelin drop, land zeppelin in persons capital with peasants, start building a farm, TP whole army onto capital. Cya. so basically since i was born
  17. I was on the Azeroth Wars forum, the name of which I now forget before G93 merged us with Diplo. Spent a good chunk of time running various Azeroth Wars clans b4 I found Europa/GoTE then rest is history I suppose.
  18. 1+ month in and he's just re-terrained stormwind fuck me its gonna get d-dayed constantly
  19. the fact you think there is a shred of professionalism in this place is AMUSING
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