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  1. Eagle definitely lived in Vancouver for a period of time, it's confirmed.
  2. War4life

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    Cringe Cniper, just amalgamate already.
  3. War4life

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    "we" is the amalgamation of our time occurring?
  4. you guys are like 2-4 years apart tops, bors just looks 45
  5. War4life

    Ask Diplo

    is this the standard of posting that administrators are held to? what the fuck is this @CNiper why are u allowed on here
  6. War4life

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    Spank, next week. “Jayhana”, one day you will understand us, for the most part, and then you will resign from your administrative duties.
  7. War4life

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  8. War4life

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    see what happens when i post? good things.
  9. jesus christ eagleman my life is over after july 28th please release it before then
  10. War4life

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    also who r u
  11. War4life

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    litrly who is jayhana fr
  12. Not in a professional setting. Casually, do what you want.
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