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  1. War4life

    Picture of You

    No neither of them are cell
  2. War4life

    Picture of You

    cell, you are not entitled to mock or otherwise comment on pictures in this thread until you yourself post a picture. that being said; 1. good job bors 2. who the fuck is jayhana
  3. pineapple belongs on pizza like feanor belongs a mod take that how u will
  4. the fuck bors do you live under a rock??? He was having an affair with some news anchor. This was all over the news, especially with him being black mailed and shit over texts he sent, and some of the texts were also released, pretty entertaining cringe tier shit. Credit to his wife for not taking him to the cleaners and retaining voting power. Though this arguably makes sense from her perpsective, the stock would definitely slide if she suddenly became a significant shareholder with business sway and she'd in effect be hurting her own wealth.
  5. new era of diplo under abdel dictatorship: polls rigged
  6. roberts rebellion for wc3 when?
  7. War4life

    Who broke Diplo?

    Burden plz, do not act as though the people who cozy up in the discord are in fact diploers. That is far from the truth. They aren't 'diploers' they are mindless shills brought to inflate our numbers to assist Cniper in his grand scheme of monetizing our beloved community and living a life of leisure just as his albertan oil baron ancestors had done before him, but through ad revenue instead of oil wells. With this being said, the administration is blameless in this instance. No need to get salty about the forum being down, though I will note the communication on the Discord wasn't all that great. Perhaps more frequent updates on the 'announcements' channel would help if this event should occur in the future. But we may as well accept our fate - the forum is by and large seen as vestigial by the powers that be, Eagleman excluded I think. The attention is on the beloved Discord, even when certain elements of the discord (for example - hots builds, hots tips, etc.) are far better suited to forum posting. Also, I didn't realize Grunty was a lil bitch
  8. War4life

    Who broke Diplo?

    why did grunty rq again?
  9. eagleman over worked under paid
  10. bors did u rly post a pic of a bellini
  11. there is literally nothing better than a steak. Like, it is actually a sexual experience eating one with a proper glass of red
  12. >quam >tkov "glorious" FOH SEAN FINOTTI
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