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  1. what exactly does this mean though
  2. War4life


  3. Well the original version of that was in Azeroth wars with a TP scroll and zeppelin drop, land zeppelin in persons capital with peasants, start building a farm, TP whole army onto capital. Cya. so basically since i was born
  4. I was on the Azeroth Wars forum, the name of which I now forget before G93 merged us with Diplo. Spent a good chunk of time running various Azeroth Wars clans b4 I found Europa/GoTE then rest is history I suppose.
  5. 1+ month in and he's just re-terrained stormwind fuck me its gonna get d-dayed constantly
  6. the fact you think there is a shred of professionalism in this place is AMUSING
  7. Eagle definitely lived in Vancouver for a period of time, it's confirmed.
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    Cringe Cniper, just amalgamate already.
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