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  1. sushi is only good in countries who have large fishing industries aka spain,norway,portugal,russian far east etc everywhere else the fish was frozen before served and its nowhere near as good as fresh fish sushi i feel like sushis can only be served with fresh fish otherwise it loses the flavor the same way rice is complete garbo if you put it in the fridge for a day and then cook it again
  2. One final solution to get rid of all those undesirable boyz
  3. Moscow metro one of stations After-Before while i hate vice this is kinda interesting for outsiders to see
  4. Yes basically a pack of wolves started killing both german and russian soldiers in front line in eastern front in ww1 in 1917 when large packs of wolves from Lithuania and Volhynia started creeping into the front lines so soldiers made a temporary truce to go off hunting the wolves for a short time there was peace. And in no haphazard fashion was the task of vanquishing the mutual foe undertaken. The wolves were gradually rounded up, and eventually, several hundred of them were killed the cease of hostilities actually happened near Lithuania's capital Vilnius as the frontline was nearing it at that time not tannenberg forest like in the video game
  5. Biggest got camo in history a dragon burned down notre dame
  6. Also this will likely won t pass cause some country in EU decides that it shouldn't pass Thats how EU works EU is basically SEJM of PLC before extremely ineffective at passing any new law or change
  7. they still can t control internet they just think they can people will just start basing servers in countries like pakistan and india and eastern europe where EU law means little still
  8. Russia has the lead and monopoly on nuclear energy and weaponry Then again the true future is fusion energy but its still quite a far ways off and its a multi national effort as its every expensive to make it work
  9. Figured you would like ramstein as a russian OY VEY ANTI SEMITISM
  10. its easy to bypass a block of a website with either changing dns server or using vpn
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