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  1. yes it happened in discord everything really happens only in discord
  2. jokes on you asian white nationalists are well known phenomena in diplo Bob over here for example is an asian living in germany and is well known to have links to Nazi white supremacist german gangs
  3. If only bors had n word pass bors cord schism could have been averted Honestly guys you are all pretty fucking retarded For taking this meme tier drama for so long Like we could have had so many more new meme drama done by now if ya all just rejoined forces
  5. https://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=x5FRLkrJDc Brackets so far
  6. My fellow citizens! I your most humble servant of the great clans of Diplo and Warhaven. Have finally brought together a tournament worthy of HISTORY!. Starting on December 13th we shall have a tournament of our greatest champions battle it out on the fields of battle in COH 2. The tournament will be played in 3vs3 format I expect multiple teams made across the sites. Anyone is accepted to join. If you can t find a team to make fear not there are other like you unsocial as well you will become team together with other unsocial people Rules are its gonna be allies vs axis only sorry bois but this is the proper balanced game Each team gets to veto 2 maps Tournament format is best of 3 if a team wins 2 games in a row they win automatically that bracket trough We will flip a virtual coin between teams to decide who gets to pick who is gonna be allies or axis first game and next game its gonna be the other way around Also because of timezone differences the time will not be pre determined always as i want to try to actually make euros and americans battle it out at some point but starting from day one its gonna be On Fri, Dec 13, 2019, from 09:00 PM CEST TIMEZONE if our american friends can t make it to this timezone they will just duke it out later on that day save a replay and send it to me but i personally will be referee during this time give or take an hour depending on how long the matches go on. The winning team will get to boast how gud they are for millennia BREAD AND GAMES FOR ALL!
  7. feanor does not even know what discord is as far as i am aware he still uses rotary dial phone so this is clearly heresy and hacks
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