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  1. I have this suspicion that you're actually being mugged left and right without you knowing it.
  2. "LastPass securely remembers your passwords, so you don't have to." Looks suspicious, but you seem like a well-rounded nice admin person for me to trust. And thanks, very simple and helpful. I'll try to perform this after I managed to afford a legit antivirus and windows copy. Edit: Currently, I have a pirated version of AVG as my antivirus, but it didn't managed to prevent my computer from getting worm virus (albeit it might have prevented the virus from fully corrupting the hard disk). I'm using a telpad right now to access the internet since all two of my keyboards somehow broke. It might take a while for me to reply.
  3. I've been in this forum for a long time, and apparently since 2011. Although I was inactive for the majority of that time, I'm familliar with bot and connection issues caused by DDoS attacks in the warcraft 3 community. Even then, I wasn't entirely accurate on what is the extent of the abilities of those behind these attacks. And I suppose my wall of text would be somewhat beyond the scope and normal concerns of this forum. Anyway, I'm a computer security noob. I never had a non-pirated copy of anti-virus softwares and I don't claim to be an expert on the subject and my deterrent consist of not clicking suspicious links or downloading suspicious torrents. So about my concern.. Recently, about 3 months or so, I suspect that someone near my vicinity and within my country (since it seem unlikely to be from outside to bother with me at all) have been sabotaging my internet connection and account privacy. I came back to this forum due to it the only familliar medium which I could ask for help regarding computer security issues. I haven't been entirely sure about the existence of this anomaly in my systems for 2~3 months or so, and I admit to myself that I might be a little paranoid. The thought occured to me from time to time and from time to time I would see some form of evidence supporting my suspicion. Anyway, I'll try to enumerate these activities that I found suspicious. One of them is on my account on facebook when I opened the list of IP addresses where my account is logged in: one of these IP address corresponds to a nearby city which I've never travelled to nor pass by in my daily routines. I lowered my suspicion by considering that perhaps there was calibration error in the IP tracker's part, which doesn't makes sense at the same time as why would my account be logged in into that particular browser. Interesting to note is that the location would be coincidentally (or not at all) the same with one of my classmate's home, whom is coincidentally in odd relations with me due to past personal arguments that occured between us. Another is the time I'm playing Dota 2. During game matches, I would observe that my spike in lag would coincide at the activity time of my particular classmate in my friend list. My internet connection is usually decent, and disconnection rate is pretty low. Still, I'm not entirely sure as correlation might not be related to causation, but I observed a lower rate in my internet speed during the time said classmate is online yet not in a game, and a higher internet speed during the time he is offline or in a game. Also, I dull my suspicion considering that Philippine internet connection is not esteemed to be fast and plenty of observations to be attributed to several unrelated causes (which I stated), but the totality of these anomalies and some other events I haven't mentioned yet is preventing me from settling my suspicions as mere paranoia. The present circumstances that I am with, seems to be similar to some application of DDoS attack, security breach, and account hacking. I sincerely ask for help from diplomunion, please..
  4. Heal Magni Hurt Arthas Arthas 5 Illidan 14 Magni 21 you betrayed the people who vote for you!...what happened to you Sukramo? is evil all that important to you?
  5. Heal Magni put Kel back in a tomb Magni 19 Arthas 9 Illidan 12
  6. Is the mysterious wanderer still on the version?
  7. that reminds me...Thurr whats your relation with YrrGalerrte?
  8. Heal Magni Hurt Kel Kel'thuzad 9 Magni 10 Arthas 10 Illidan 11
  9. hey bashrock, what happened? you didn't get Dagran?
  10. then you should first kill that ogre chieftain guy first before you get stonemaul but where does rexxar starts? [EDIT] also make those gates in Shadowforge a real gates? :D
  11. Hey guys maybe the book thing is when Dagran Thaurissan put it on the Frozen Throne site or near the Frozen Throne? or maybe give it to lich king? but there I think there is no trigger that is activated by giving items. The book says something about a Firelord giving it to the Ice King and Dagran has alot of fire spells like Fire Breath, and Flamestrike like spell Also, someone put that Wanderer location with a pic on Dave_Rolf's guide?
  12. Heal Magni Hurt Illidan Kel'thuzad 27 Magni 22 Arthas 25 Illidan 22 Archimonde 8
  13. Hey west I think the firelord maybe is Dagran Thaurissan? because he has all this flame spell like flame breath, fire pillar? and that other thing. Maybe putting Dagran there at the lich king place with the book and causing it to summon that diablo?
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