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  1. Bors, if you're serious, please email me at piratesandvikings@hotmail.ca so we can work out the details, I'd rather not discuss it in this thread.
  2. Well sorry for doing what I can to reconnect with old friends. And Boys, I never once "oppressed" you as an admin, besides how could I if you were an admin at the same time.
  3. That's strange because it seems to be working fine for everyone else....
  4. That's what I get for my years of service as an admin, niceeeeeeeeeee. I want thank Sponge, Techoff and duplex for listening tonight, mucho appreciated.
  5. On now, tune in at http://www.fusionradio.ca Also, could an admin make my show a recurring event on the calendar? (If you guys use it)
  6. 1 PM Sorry, uni keeps me busy enough as is. But yea, map was awesome I'm playing some this week.
  7. Seriously, show's at 10PM every Thursday, come all! Stream should be working fine this week. Tune in at http://www.fusionradio.ca And happy birthday Zep and Bres :D
  8. Warmaster1

    I'm back!

    Email me at piratesandvikings@hotmail.ca to discuss this.
  9. Warmaster1

    I'm back!

    Explain "partner". Is there anywhere else we can discuss this?
  10. Warmaster1

    I'm back!

    I hate this shameless self-promotion, but I'm live at 10 EST at http://www.fusionradio.ca. I will be playing at least 1 song (and 2 if there's time) from Lamb of God's Resolution. Tune in!
  11. Warmaster1

    I'm back!

    Type in a name, press enter, you are in.
  12. Warmaster1

    I'm back!

  13. Warmaster1

    I'm back!

    Well, my show is, not me. I'll be live tonight at http://www.fusionradio.ca at 10PM EST. My facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/piratesandvikingsradio. I hope to see you guys in the chat!
  14. Live at http://www.fusionradio.ca!
  15. It's working fine, tune in in two hours! http://www.fusionradio.ca
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