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  1. LOL! I think you have it backwards. Why did he pick a lonely and single tech guy for his experiment? Why not a plumber? What was the creators goals? I bet you miss half of what goes on in a movie and see even less of the blatant propaganda in just about every Hollyweird production.
  2. [quote name='SteakOnSpear']Oh yeah? Funny how some asshole named Don Rekterino, messaged me on fb, calling me hotdog on spear, and sending some disturbing pictures? [/quote] I never had nor ever will have a Facebook account. BTW, I call you hotdog-on-stick and hotdog-on-toothpick. [quote]What a coincidence.[/quote] Not at all. Just someone you obviously pissed off with your winning personality and sense of humor. You're pretty good at dishing it out but scream like a bitch when someone gives it back, especially the rating system you abuse but scream "Oy Vey" when someone does you the same. Stop making wild accusations and get you shit straight. I think you need a break from the online world and go outside and play with the other kids. [quote name='Thurr']@NowhereMan, you clearly have not seen the movie.[/quote] The maker created only female robots and we even see him screwing the lobotimized one. He lived in isolation and it is implied to protect the world from his AIs but clearly he was a crazy ass bearded Jew with issues who had to make girl robots to get laid. How many MALE robots did the guy make? He even made the last robot with a face based on the test subjects porn profile. Me thinks you are the one who didn't see the movie or if you did understand it at all...
  3. Funny, you started the whole thing and continue to follow me around the forum and dislike my every post. You even PMed some bullshit here. WHAT? I don't have a Facebook account and never will so now you are making shit up. You are such a liar! Perhaps you have pissed someone else off and seeing as how a few other people here have neg repped you to death that is highly likely, but stop making up lies about me.
  4. You should as you are the target audience for this movie: geeky kid likely to never get laid with a real woman so dreams of having a robot girlfriend.
  5. Happy birthday nodle. Cake is traditional for a birthday but since you are Canadian and you had graham cracker banana coconut cream pie I'll let it pass this year. I do love banana coconut cream pie!
  6. BULLSEYE! I take this moment to point out that this sort of thing didn't happen back in the evil dark ages most posters hate before marriage was a two year deal and women were "slaves". Many American women are like this and deserve what they get which is often an efficiency apartment filled with cats and stuffed animals. Rational and logical thinking like this is obviously not a lot of people's strong point. Good man. We have a lack of morality like we haven't seen in a long, long time in the West. I don't cheat on my wife. If I have to I'll divorce the woman and then go screw around. I demand the same from her and it is understood that if either cheat the marriage is done. No do overs.
  7. No. Hunh? You never heard of Civ V? No, but my time in Thailand left me with some VD but that was easily taken care of with some meds but it did contribute to my lifelong addiction to poon and cake. They really don't have much pie in Thailand...
  8. LMFAO! Try 50 and married with children, not coincidentally three things you are unlikely to achieve unless they figure out how to make butt babies.
  9. I said Uranus, fool. Sort of like this:
  10. Feanor found out pona was 14 and now has him chained in his basement as his latest commie sex slave?
  11. I do watch the show which you'd know if you had read my posts on this thread. Do you follow me around the forum like Swish-kebab (SoS) looking for anything you can call "rayciss" because you love me too?
  12. Perhaps it is the posters who can't handle the thought of hetero sex? Yeah, that sounds like the most likely reason to me. OOHHHHH NOOOOOOEEESS! Anyhow, someday some of you might see a grown woman naked other than your momma.
  13. I see your Hungry Jack's and raise you a Jack in the Box: You know they make seriously good fast food because of the ball headed cone nose guy in a suit!
  14. Damn right, bildy! If you want to live forever you might do it by eating right, exercising, and not drinking, watching tv, having sex, or doing anything bad for you or enjoyable. Note: latest studies show salt does not make for high blood pressure and your diet does not make for high bad cholesterol, genetics are responsible for that.
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