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  1. So, I'm guessing the major news outlets in 'Straila aren't State funded?
  2. VisKnut

    Picture of You

    Yah. Every once and awhile some Foreign brand will try and make a move into the market over here. The only OZ/NZ beer we carry here is VB,Fosters and Steinlager.
  3. I'm not sure yet. At first glance there was "oh shit eh, I'd run a few miles of dick through that", then after a few other looks, it's "Uhmm, maybe I'd let her blow me", then back to asking "Wonder what her trotters look like?" Do Indian broads even like white men? More so, Welshmen?
  4. VisKnut

    Picture of You

    Yeah, a crate, a flat, a slab, a 24, a box, a case. I haven't had a VB in years. They also stopped selling Toohey's over here.
  5. Post the pic or I'll assume she tasted like Curry powder and Armpits, and smelt like a Bangladeshi garbage dump.
  6. Trudeau prolly admires her toxic masculinity and she admires the fact he can take a hour on her tower of power. Honestly never heard much about Ardern up until last year, besides she's young and managed to get at least one decent photo of her to make panties sweat. Her creditbility was lost when that flakey-pro Israel chap supposedly blew away some Muslims and she instantly called out for a gun grab, which netted, last time I checked, a whopping 97 guns. Then there was the whole head scarf bullshit, in a strong show of support to her fellow lefties. Don't recall her, or Justin ever, ever showing support for Christians or Muslims that got killed during this years Ramadan Bombathon. All signalling to a fleeting amount of people, like you question, each other. The fact a high number of Trudeau's close friends have/are convicted peados, should raise a few eyebrows about her and her tastes.
  7. He's not doing great, good or poorly. Every week some organization will conduct a "poll" and it's either a neck-in-neck race or the Liberals trailing behind. Guessing it depend on the location of the people polled. Trudeau is toast, in reality. The Liberals have lost most of their stronghold provinces (chiefly Ontario and Queerbec) to the Conservatives. It's been suggested that Trudeau's weak leadership may have set the Reds back at least a decade, in terms of trust in leadership. He is a guy whom: Failed grade 7 Dropped out of University not once, but twice Became a snowboard instructor (LOL - Right!?!) Finally got "degree" and became a Drama Teacher (LOL - Right!?!) Hardly the skills of a devout, strong leader of first world Country. Trudeau won bascially because of, record lowest number of voter turn out and single issue voters, IE: The marijuana lobby. Unfortunatly, the soon-to-be Prime Minister is a 40 year old from out West, with his hands in the dairy cartel and claims to be Conservative, but also stated that he's more center leaning. Sum it up, he'll go whichever way the wind blows that particular day. Justin is exactly like Ardern, but with a slightly looser pussy.
  8. Trudeau: Still thinks he has a chance in October and doesn't want fake accounts posting anti-Liberal hit pieces. Jokes on them, he's proven he's very capable of falling on his own sword.
  9. I think that is what people thought of Trump, but then he went and sold his daughter to the jews and that blew any morality str8 out the window. I think tho, without really delving into any serious research that, some of those Middle Eastern "Dictators" are spot on with what your referring to. It's just a shame that they've been pretty much all killed, because of their "threat" to the West, when in reality the West's real threat is themselves.
  10. Same shit hole desert dwellers. That Syrian broad is highly fuckable.
  11. VisKnut

    Picture of You

    I won't dodge you. Bring a flat of Iron Horse (do they even still make that out there?) and some Maritimer poon and you won't get rid of me.
  12. VisKnut

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    Yah bro. That's me, like back in 1991ish. I was maybe 22, or in around there.
  13. Two shithole Countries, but the Irani weather chick is slightly moar fuckable.
  14. VisKnut

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    I'm a seasoned vet of smashing inked up whores and quite frankly, they're all whores. Then again, so are non-inked up ladies. Whores. The lot of them.
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