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  1. VisKnut


    Yes. Yes I do. I've been working on my power-bottom technique.
  2. Smokes are outta sight here as well and we get cool pics to look at..Like famous Barb Tarbox: https://goo.gl/images/5u959C I personally like the limp cigarette pic..smoking makes your dick flat...Nah...that's what marriage does. Cheapest smokes I've found were $10.85 for 25. The most expensive are sum fancy B&H bitchsticks (110s) that are touching $17 per pack.
  3. VisKnut


    Yes. Tindr is full of these types.. "Proud Mama to two furbabies, so if you don't like dogs, swipe <----
  4. VisKnut


    White people are more interested in their furbabies, keeping a 745 credit rating and making sure their gym membership is set to the premium package, then there's the latest Honda Civic, the house they can't afford and the how well their nieces are doing at figure skating. White people..fucking suck.
  5. VisKnut


    Funny, I had a Somalian lament the same thing. Having kids is like a investment and they'll look after you when you're feeble and broken. Same dunecoon told me I also had a powerful beard and I would be the envy of most Somali.
  6. VisKnut

    Best Diplo

    - Shit I forgot about Backpack whore. *whips dik out*
  7. This place does not need new members, it needs the oldfags back.
  8. Who are the fuck are you to delete a thread older than your membership around this joint? Fuck, this still burns my britches. You piss me off. Thanks fuckhead.
  9. What ever happened to Dubghall and Monotony. Those two find lives, maybe doing jailtime, balls deep in sum trim? Anyone still talk to either of those two?
  10. VisKnut

    Picture of You

    Oh. Weird. I blame the joos.
  11. VisKnut

    Picture of You

    Nah. The Charger is worth more the way you see it then my Caddy was and the Caddy was in far better shape. I had about $3500 into the Cadillac, where as I could probably get $5000 all day long for the Charger, sans motor and trans (which I do have).
  12. VisKnut

    Picture of You

    Edited: No 3rd party PB rule. I traded my 56 Caddy project for a piece of shit, (Charger) only to make money off sum, born-to-lose muppet, who watches SpeedTV, whilst his wife is out with the "girls" (code for fucking sum young buck)..
  13. Maybe you youngins, but us elders still use 26er, 40 pounder, 60, a flat of beer, a crate of beer.
  14. Glad to see you're still on the right side of the grass, m8.
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