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  1. *Tosses peanuts from the balcony* Is there a Diplomunion Discord active?
  2. Like full blown Beer Barrel? IE : Snorting coke off a hot Indian chicks ass, while watching a documentry on the NSDAP and the Rise & Fall of Megele? Cuz yah. I really need to come round this joint more often then.
  3. Merry Yule and and a Happy new year to all and sundry.
  4. Whoa. Is the Praet coming back? Things have come full circle.
  5. Youse' attempted some silly attack on the world famous Bee..Beer...Bear Barrel, in which ended in a horrible fail. The thread detailing these events was scrubbed by one of your shitass mods.
  6. After taking a break from here and logging back in to a white screen, it's horrible.
  7. Yes. This Navy Blue hurts me eyes. I'd use lighter, cuz white is right.
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