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  1. Whoa. Is the Praet coming back? Things have come full circle.
  2. Youse' attempted some silly attack on the world famous Bee..Beer...Bear Barrel, in which ended in a horrible fail. The thread detailing these events was scrubbed by one of your shitass mods.
  3. After taking a break from here and logging back in to a white screen, it's horrible.
  4. Yes. This Navy Blue hurts me eyes. I'd use lighter, cuz white is right.
  5. I remember this clown. You've seemed to have aged, but still maintain that DipLoW immaturity.
  6. I wouldn't fuck that with your dick.
  7. I almost had a cocksucking heart attack, when I went to this threads home and it was gone. I had to blow a joint and relax, then I seen it was in this new NSFW thread. What's the point of NSFW, when No Nudity or Gore is allowed? And This BB thread says "Post Your Nudes".? This isn't well thought out and this thread needs more tits and ass and less of Bor's race-mixing follies.
  8. So, I'm guessing the major news outlets in 'Straila aren't State funded?
  9. VisKnut

    Picture of You

    Yah. Every once and awhile some Foreign brand will try and make a move into the market over here. The only OZ/NZ beer we carry here is VB,Fosters and Steinlager.
  10. I'm not sure yet. At first glance there was "oh shit eh, I'd run a few miles of dick through that", then after a few other looks, it's "Uhmm, maybe I'd let her blow me", then back to asking "Wonder what her trotters look like?" Do Indian broads even like white men? More so, Welshmen?
  11. VisKnut

    Picture of You

    Yeah, a crate, a flat, a slab, a 24, a box, a case. I haven't had a VB in years. They also stopped selling Toohey's over here.
  12. Post the pic or I'll assume she tasted like Curry powder and Armpits, and smelt like a Bangladeshi garbage dump.
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