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  1. [quote name='CNiper']Why does everyone think I'm @Red ? He is at least x3 more awesome.[/quote] Where is that ginger bastard?
  2. Same here, I hate working in retail, but it pays the bills while I finish up my masters study.
  3. I though CNiper was that ginger rocker fella.
  4. Thank me later Vikingbro http://www.svtplay.se/video/2970515/kung-fury
  5. Atridij

    How old are you?

    Now that's OLD! Man I feel so old, I was in in my early 20s when I discovered Azaroth Wars...
  6. Azothan was the reason why I returned to the forum and WarCraft scene in general.
  7. Atridij

    Picture of You

    The legendary mugshot, now in HD!
  8. It even beats Turkish Star Wars... I don't know what can I say more about it,
  9. I am amazed how many triggers there are, I just wish that the building in Stormwind, Stratholme, Dalaran, Silvermoon and Capital City can't be destroyed by an Alliance faction only captured. Because a Stormwind genocide in Lorderon and Quel'thatlas is just too much of a lore rape and goes against the "Mandate of the Light" concept.
  10. This gaming blogger claims that she was “Virtually Raped” by some hackers playing GTA V online. This is what happens when a feminist meets a GTA V modder. #AmericaYes ------------- P.C.: Wow Amerikanskis, just wow...
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