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  1. I've come and gone from Diplo for years, and I always like to come back and keep pace with some of you. I have some of you on facebook, others on my gay dating websites. But a bulk of you are still here, and if occasionally you find yourself wondering, 'what does Mono gone off to do, where has he gone,' allow me to share a video recorded for a friend for a flowcase I did for a nearby art space back in October. Some of you knew I was a dancer in real life on my off time. I would go out and battle people around town and it helped a lot. Through a past partner about 3 years ago I found out about flow arts and started getting more and more into, especially contact staff. I have been traveling around the states festival to festival to learn from others, to widen my perspective, to explore the magics of transformational festivals and burns around the country. This is what I pursue besides manual bodywork therapy. Hopefully I can travel again but permanently and through cities to visit some of you!
  2. Old maps like Dobrop, sotdrp, do they still get played? Would anyone like to play around with me on them? Randomly in the mood and decided to ask about.
  3. On my off time I spend it watching videos like this..
  4. :D I'm flattered! I go for the mesmerizing movement.. Even on my performer's page I illustrate my movement as an enchantment I cast on my audience to mesmerize them! -bows- Funny you mention the Aladdin part.. I have another pair of large harem pants that are pink and make me look like Aladdin. I indirectly insulted someone while trying to make my friend feel foolish, and my friends were joking around saying "She should've just said, "Hey Aladdin, how about you fuck off." xD Definitely would've loved that, and would've been okay with being told to fuck off if someone called me Aladdin.
  5. monotony

    Good music?

    Some music is good for now, some for later, some for sex, some for dancing. Even eating, sleeping, and creeping. This is my creeping music.
  6. monotony

    Picture of You

    I am happily a manchild/butch from the back.
  7. How can't we. Diplo's demographic is like the swamps of Florida; beautiful, ugly, deadly, alive, itchy, rejuvenating... The occasional trolls who've abandoned society. So colorful at times, it's hard not to return to.
  8. [quote name='CNiper']No @monotony post some of your fire videos. I see them on facebook from time to time and they are pretty cool.[/QUOTE] :3 Here's my single staff promo... I plan on doing other promos and demo videos of my other routines (I have five in total) once I get a solid camera.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yekA8dN52kM [quote name='Kalthramis']HEYY YOURE NOT DEAD I WAS HERE AND YOU WERENT BUT NOW YOU'RE HERE AND I'M HERE THE PLANETS HAVE ALIGNED WELCOME BACK, CUNT[/QUOTE] <3 <3 ;D [quote name='ABDeL']Hey Mono you were definitely missed. Maybe now that you're back Trench will have an excuse to be more active.[/QUOTE] <3 Hopefully. [quote name='nodle']Moooooonooooooo[/QUOTE] Dude!! You don't know how many times I've been on the border of Canada and thought, "Why don't I escape the responsibilities of my life and show up at nodle's place.." [quote name='Ser_Fergus']You tried, and I appreciate that. Anyway, welcome back and glad to see ya mono.[/QUOTE] Happy to be back <3 [quote name='Spankfurt']2 old men fondling each others gnarly old dicks while brushing lips isn't even as gay as that post Mono[/QUOTE] That's not as gay as it can get ;) [quote name='ponasozis']so you are a firebender now ?[/QUOTE] ^ ^ ^ :D I got into it from dating this one chick.. She was real cool. Anyway I've always secretly been a pyromaniac, and use to train bo staff when I was younger. When I saw how intricate, flowy, and techy you can get with staff I went crazy. It was also a great mediator since I was unable to workout anymore and my depression was afflicting my personal life. Two years in now I can definitely say it's helped me in my life.. I'm even gathering resources together to write a paper (then shorten it) to promote the 'flow arts' to the two parks near my house and start holding weekly classes where I can teach children how to dance, how to play with object manipulation. This will all be based around the observations that it can help people relax, help with motor skills, reflexes, processing, development in younger people, depression, anxiety, aside that it's exercise. The flow arts community down here in Florida is beautiful, and very lovingly intertwined with the burner culture here, they both have given so much to me just as much as the parks I want to teach at had when I was younger. It's a part of me really wanting to give back as I start shooting to become a professional performer.
  9. They can get quite ugly. You really need to make them proportionate to your face/hair, at least, if you want to look decent with them. Some people just don't care if people think otherwise, kudos to them.
  10. Hey everybody! I got a laptop, and spare time so I decided to communicate with y'all. Think of you guys from time to time. To catch up~ I'm in school for my LMT. Worked two years as a line cook and will be taking advantage of a job as an assistant chef (pizza and pastas-on the side I work as a vegan/vegetarian chef/cook (no I'm not either)). Aside from those two I perform as a fire dancer, happened upon the profession after getting into flow arts from a chick I dated, then moved into playing with fire, gotten so good I perform at mansions, and festivals, sometimes getting flown out, other times having to pay to get in- it's all about chasing the next thing that inspires me or pays me in this field. After I'm done with my school, I'm going to save up for a year, buy a solid truck, suit it up, figure out a travel plan, then move state to state performing, practicing my massage techniques (as well as practicing on working my wait into Applied Kinesiology and PT), and cooking for side money. How about y'all?
  11. monotony

    Ask Diplo

    [quote name='nodle']Applied at a marijuana dispensary @monotony.[/QUOTE] Nice! I was suppose to visit cali for a trimming job, but that there farmer dude is acting shady. It's a legit job with solid pay, and I was going to use it to pay for school and my car maintenance, but gotta wait for him to reply so me and my buddy know when to come through for the work. [quote name='banebladeluv']Alive.[/QUOTE] I'm happy to hear that. [quote name='supgoat']Got accepted into uni, about to leave army soon to go to norway[/QUOTE] This is excellent, what's the major? Initial Classes?
  12. Gauges aren't that hipster. When you live in a multi-cultural metropolis, you kind of see it all. I've come to realize that cultures will always mash and come up with the good, the bad, and the ugly in these sorts of situations. I think it's more important how they wear their choice of fashion/style. You have to own that style, can't be half-ass the walk and full-time the talk.
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