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  1. So real fun fact is that despite all of this shit that went down. Warcraft 3: Reforged still has a skeleton crew working on it and they don't intent to live up to the promises they once so boldly made, instead all I am reading and hearing from Blizzard are excuses and blaming their fanbase for being disappointed at their shit. This isn't how the gaming community works, this might be a business but a business should be done right, unless you do right by your consumer they won't do right by you. Apparently Blizzard has forgotten the golden rule that the client is always right. People who love Diablo should be worried since it is the next major Blizz release. What this game really needs is another year of work and a dedicated team of professionals to bring back what was promised. Then and only then it might be worth 30 euro. Now it is worse than the original so the ratings are well deserved. Dissapointing. I would say Blizzard and Activision's days are numbered.... and after all they put us through the last thing they deserve is the peace of death!
  2. That's the problem of the country and it's laws for consentual agreement. If someone was hit below age of consent then it is kinda considered rape or the other things listed in wikipedia link that u send me. I ain't gonna go rectifying laws with a gun in hand this ain't a wild west movie. Although on another note most politicians and political groups around the world do deserve the fire squad treatment.
  3. Wasn't really trying to dodge the question but I've seen the term used in few other situations out of this current context. Anyway in my country Bulgaria the age of consent should be 14. Although personally I think it should be at least 18. As I said before except a big shlong, a beautiful mountain valley and an exquisite fiery forge a brain is required and in reality most people start to think for themselves when life hits them. Usually between the age of 18-24.
  4. It would depend on what's your angle for asking. There are various benefits with coming of age such as driving a car, freely drinking alchohol, now being able to legitimately become a criminal with a criminal record and various other fun things. Also sadly most of those things require a good head on your shoulders, something which just coming of age can't achieve.
  5. Are you an old garena player by chance?
  6. Hey! I am known in-game as Avroth or previously as TirionFordring in garena. I've played warcraft for many, many years! I reckon I can still call myself an old UoS member despite me being away for about 2 years now. You can probably find me in most Eras Zombie Invasion lobbies, I also like RTS maps like DAoW, Azeroth Wars and maps related to war3 lore overall. Nice to be here! Cheers!
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