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  1. Rith

    About Abdel

    Feels like I'm missing out. Care to explain? Also, like I told everyone in the thread where Abdel requested Mustafa Holy Warrior: I still have it, but it goes against everything I believe in now. I truly have been enlightened by the righteous ways of political corectness. It just goes to show how little empathy you can muster for someone deepest and sincerest believes when you're an adolescent ... I am so very sorry Abdel. Perhaps we can strike up a conversation again sometime? I always enjoyed your company.
  2. Hey everyone. It's great to hear so many people are still keeping fond memories of something I made so long ago. I still have the game. Unfortunatenly, I'm not that kind of person anymore--someone who enjoys taking a piss at someone's deepest and most sincere beliefs. I now understand how hurtful that must be. It is wrong and always will be. The game was never about religious bigotry or satirizing the media or muslim stereotypes. It's ridiculously easy to be offensive for the purpose of being offensive. It was made to see if I could derail a community. Could I get the admins to hate me and gain the sympathy of the general public? An entire forum should've been upset that such a racist, bigot and islamophobic creation was submitted on their forum, but instead celebrated it under the waving banner of "EPIC LULZ". How would you've reacted if it were 1930-1940 and it was an antisemitic game? Shame on you. Except for Feanor, whose moral compass is most often off, but not that time. Moustafa, I'm sorry for all the suffering and pain I caused you. You're an honorable, sincere, kind and straightforward individual - and yes, a muslim - who've I always respected. I get that you feel that you should turn the other cheek and show that your religion does not condone what has happend in Paris, but please, stop that. We don't expect that of you. Everyone would get how absurd that would be if we'd ask christians to condone the Lord's Resistance Army in Congo. Then why should muslims condone violence done the name of their religion? We know that Islam is the religion of love - at least your Islam. You don't need to request an offensive game just to show you're OK with satire. Also, we still know you're mad, stop acting so high and mighty.
  3. I'm sorry CNiper, I didn't mean to make this awkward. I am not one to hold grudges, but when someone sends his minions against you ... well, you probably understand.
  4. You used to be a friend. What happend? Too much pride in your head? Craving the fame and the acknowledgment of Diplomunion's elite few? Is that why you led a hate campagin against my person and try to subsequently ban me? I'm just warning people for the conspiring elitist twit that I once considered a friendly, open, thoughtful, compassionate, outgoing person. If one of us changed, it's most definitely you.
  5. Why would you say something like that? Probably another one of Feanor's creatures. This place has been taken over by mindless hellspawns since Feanor is running the show. I remember better times.
  6. I see. I'm sorry. Sorry Feanor. Yet Parco, I'm not convinced he changed. You haven't been around long enough to know what that guy is about.
  7. I've never had someone come to me and say "We should have moved in together much earlier". Yet, you seem like a straightforward and honest individual and I can respect that. Best of luck.
  8. I see Feanor is still making posts to bash on people and decide who's in and who's out. It's kind or ridiculous that Feanor feels the need to reestablish the power of the elite few every time someone threatens his position. Such insecurity, it's overwhelming.
  9. Rith

    Trip Down Nostalgia

    I still have "Moustafa: Holy Warrior: The Game".
  10. Rith

    Limit on Posting

    I see then. Weird that you never made any lasting impression. Some people just come and go I guess. On topic, it does not surprise me that Feanor has grown meek and soft. He's always been a creature of the general public, nothing short of a sea gull that rides on every wind that comes along. So susceptible to influence in order to be liked. Yet that still leaves ABdel, who is a great guy, but also someone who can't really deal with criticism. I was once banned because I did not share his views on Islam. Long story short, there is a part of Diplomunion that isn't really friendly to newcomers and outsiders. I think everyone deep down agrees to that. NowhereMan is just the next victim in a bullying campaign led by a group who think themselves to be the elite few of Diplomunion.
  11. Rith

    Limit on Posting

    You haven't been around long enough to have seen the things I've seen. This place had people frightened of saying anything that didn't agree with the opinions of supreme overlords Feanor, Moustafa or War4Life. Seems like nothing changed.
  12. Rith

    Limit on Posting

    Censorship will be the downfall of this place. Let the guy speak. This is typical for Diplomunion: people trying to silence other people because they don't agree with them. Perhaps he's not making great contributions in your opinion, but I feel like he's making a lot of contribution to the community.
  13. What was it exactly you did that you call work?
  14. Tarantino is still an adolescent, with his fetish for violence and his use of the N-word. Wake me up when he decides to make grown-up movies again. Don't come to me with the 'but that's how it was back in those days'. If you watched any of his movies you know he doesn't care too much about historic accuracy. He just does it for cheap shock-value. I bet I 'just don't understand' his brilliancy, right? Also, what's up with his cameo? Is he a narcist or what? That was probably the worst role in the entire movie.
  15. Spencer. He wanted to visit me. At first I agreed, but then I realized his motives for visitng me probably involved vengeance in some way or the other.
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