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  1. How to became a member of this Clan in Reforged?
  2. Thank you all! A "Old Guard" member told me to join this community. In that way, I'm back to WC3 and new to this community. I don't use Discord yet but lets' see. Things changed in the last years. Seems like this new messenger is the "state of art" for game communities. A few years ago, we went to LAN-Parties to meet and play. This internet thingy changed all. Now we talk in digital forums, chats and watching avatars instead of real faces. My tiny map maker skills are one part of my old body and mind. I'm not that young but also not that old. Is there topic where I can ask basic map maker questions? Thanks, BeSnove
  3. Hey Guys, the name is "BeSnove". I'm a map maker from Germany and I came back to Warcraft 3. I bought Reforged some days ago. I hope this new game will lead me to many good new maps. I created some maps in the past - one was called: "The german nightmare 1916". An RPG Game. Maybe some of you have played this decent map. I hope you enjoying my maps. I want to be part of this community to help and communicate with other map makers! My current project is this one: https://maps.w3reforged.com/maps/categories/castle-defense/Defend the Lich King - Reforged Greetings BeSnove
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