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  1. If you have any ideas, post them! New units, mechanics, countries. Personally I'd like to see some new units, even the crazy ones, why not? Especially ships and abilities for them, I removed two types lately and they do pretty much the same thing now.
  2. Version 2.1


    Risk Reforged is a large-scale RTS map based on the RISK board game. It features 20+ unit types and tens of different gameplay/diplomacy modes. Start in a random country and conquer neighbours to gain more income. The country income is equal to the amount of cities in the country. Use your diplomacy skills to create short term alliances, betray your allies, use other players as your pawns Fight and dominate the whole Europe
  3. Post your crazy ideas if you have any. Thanks to people on discord I have gathered the following ones: A mode where trees can't be cut. A mode where trees naturally expand. Even crazier. And when trees cover whole country, it becomes neutral. Like "battle royal mode" but everyone can lose. Trees grow faster as game goes on. First guy who builds a general should have a 33% chance of being instantly kicked Another crazy idea (for a mode). Each player gets a random buff or debuff or both. Like one person cant build SS ships but their knights are stronger. Could even match this up with the historical names mode if you know any history nerds to give you some strengths/weaknesses of empires Or one player starts with a bonus X gols but base income of 0. Random chance that dead player gets top bases in russia, with a lot of gold and he can build only generals and helaers --> mongol invasion (NEW MODE). A mode with submarines that can plant mines. A "Pirate Mode" possible to activate for every player. When active, income is capped to 10 and players get a set of special units to train: Pirate - Melee unit costing 3 gold, with stats comparable to a knight. Limit of 12. Pirate Ship - with stats similar to Ship A and abilities such as Ensnare or Speed Buff. Pirate Transport Ship - a bit more tough than the default transport ship. + Pirate Captain hero, not a strong one like in LOTR ofc. + Possibly a larger bounty for pirate players? 1/2 + Pirates have a spell to change between melee-ranged form, takes 2 seconds to cast and 30 seconds cooldown. + Pirate Shipyards have healing auras and roar skill, to recompensate the lack of healers/support units in their set. Zombie mode, after death players get one ghoul spawned in Russia. Ghouls can turn enemy soldiers into zombies by killing them. After a city is claimed by the ghoul player, it can't be retaken. All zombies are allied. Hero Mode - every player starts with a hero and can only train troops in cities near hero. That's it - they need to move him from one country to another if they want to defend efficiently and train units in different countries. The new ships set - created by therealdruid I believe: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/533656445787439132/544277796424384523/unknown.png A "Titan" unit that takes like 4 minutes to build and costs 200 gold but is really powerful. Its construction can be stopped by claiming the construction city. Gets pinged every few seconds when building. Space Ports and SSS Space Ships to get to the Moon (3 inc), has a good choke. SPACE MODE FTW dock units to ss to give it different abilities, ie healing (priests) or cannons (tanks) or transport ability (transports) COLOR TERRAIN mode as you conquer countries, the terrain changes color (ie if you conqer a city and you're yellow, the nearest terrain changes its color to yellow. Or mortars shoot your color too, painting the ground. GROW YOUR COLOR EMPIRE, UNTIL THE WHOLE MAP IS COLORED BY YOU) Probs an idea for a whole new minigame map though ;D
  4. Hello! Sorry for late answer! I'm pleased that you like Risk Reforged. Indeed, the toxic community was always a problem, we're trying to change this. In the near future I want to update the map more and post some threads in here. I also want to release the risk system in a few weeks, to help people creating their own risk maps. Thanks for the letter, it was nice to read.
  5. I use it to prevent people from speaking when they're muted, in Risk Reforged. They can only speak using Observers chat, which is only seen by other muted people.
  6. Hello! There's a way to turn players into observers and vice versa: call SetPlayerState( udg_player, PLAYER_STATE_OBSERVER, 1) Switches player into the observer mode.
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