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  1. Deep within the Nexus There are Realms of chaos, light and darkness Elites and Forces battle it out Many have died and been reborn Is it all for gold or glory? Find out for yourself "We'll see you in the Nexus" PS: GG, I play to win, ready player one, is this ez mode, smiley face, nerf this, GEIM SIJAK!
  2. We don't bend for Blizzard, Blizzard bends for us. Stalagg for the Alliance! honestly I've ran too much in the game to switch now... lol
  3. The PT definitely has a good read. Although, my eyes are hurting a bit from all that red color on a white background. I do like having the survey in there to help stay engaged, since there are so many paragraphs. Will there be other content added to the PT?
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