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  1. Butt hole you a talented map maker! i'd love to that your skills for real :) so get on it bro.
  2. erkowick your characters are like always bad ass and detailed. XD And MaceMaul i don't see how it would look bad you would just set up the spell set with an already made character then i allow him to copy another characters states and stills and looks for a set amount of time. I know this is not something i really know how to do YET, but i'm gonna be figuring it out. P.S is that girl in the picture milking a cow?
  3. Ok i was thinking and talking to my friend about what would be awesome to see in new Warcraft 3 maps. We where brainstorming and if your a fan of final fantasy tactics you will like this idea. The Mime Have a hero that does not really have any spells, but the natural ability to take the shape of another hero or creep or unit for a set amount of time like 30 seconds and have a 45 cool down after cast We just came up with this idea and we are looking for input and maybe it will get you thinking as well. I can see this character or this idea being use full in a lot of maps chances are its already been made like the damned airship. :( If there is a map with a character like this please give me heads up. feel free to talk about your own hero ideas. :D
  4. Damn now i feel like a copy cat. I just got done with looking at Lands of Asoria warship and its almost just what i want. The only difference is i want it to have a command point inside to allow others to take control of it and give it an attack of its own. It was a fantastic piece of work i must say.
  5. A man walked into a bar and asked the bartender, "Hey, have you heard the latest Pollack joke?" The bartender replied, coldly, "No. And I'll have you know I'm Polish." That's O.K.," said the man, "I'll talk slow." Ok that was mean idk why I said it, so I'll give you an American mean joke and use it on myself to make us even. An ugly fat woman, a gorgeous young hot blonde, an American man and a Canadian man are all riding together in a train car. As the train passes through a tunnel, the distinctive sound of a loud slap is heard. When they emerge from the tunnel, a bright red handprint is on the face of the American. The fat woman thinks "that dirty American grabbed that blonde in the tunnel and she slapped him!" The blonde thinks "that dirty American must have tried to grab me, but grabbed the fatso by mistake and she slapped him!" The American thinks "that Canadian bastard felt up that blonde and she slapped me by mistake!" The Canadian thinks "I can’t wait ’til we go through another tunnel so I can slap that stupid American again!" take pride in heritage, but also take pride in laughter and always always remember F9 XD
  6. :confused: Ok i've been working on an idea I got last night for a portable air ship fortress. And I'm just wondering If anyone has any ideas for it, because I hit a Blank. I want the airship to be a teleporter like the buildings and gate ways in Dark ages with the scarlet crusade how that gate teleports and other buildings like it other games, but I want it to be a movable unit with an attack also. The thing this creates alot of problems and idk how to handle those problems. The problems i see are as followed #1 The airship gets damaged and all the units inside get trapped for an eternity. making the player annoyed losing all his special units permitting ending the game for him. :( #2 take make the unit invisible, but allow it to be board by the enemy buy walking up to it. and have a command circle so the enemy can claim it as there's even I like that idea alot, but the only problem is i don't want it easy for an enemy to jump on board. The second idea I like, but it is flawed with the fact that people can just jump on board. I would want the ship to be crippled in a way before troops can just pour in like flies on ass, If anyone can think of how the ship could be crippled allowing the teleporter to open for all other players that would be a great help. Any other ideas I would like as well, or you could let me know what you think of the idea so far. Thank you for your time. 8) One more thing this whole idea is for my own type of azeroth war game, but original map and lore. If anyone likes this idea and can put it in there own game I would be thrilled to see my ideas put to use. thank you all for reading ;)
  7. Thank you all for readying this and really giving me ideas and pointer. Troynl i really like your idea about how to set it up. right now im looking at all the triggers and understanding how to use them most effectively. :D
  8. I finally got a round to making an account on this and started making my own maps. They are all lame NOTE that i'm only learning right now, but i have my eyes set on a main project of mine. That I'm hoping will resemble Fantasy Life, Azeroth Wars, and Would of Warcraft Reanimated. As you can guess its a huge project and a huge dream for a noob like myself, but I'm a pretty confident guy. So what I'm asking for is help with ideas i am in no way asking for someone else to make it for me. There are some things that i want done to really give people a new experience. I know i said it will relate to Azeroth Wars, and Wow Reanimated, but i do not want it to have located in Azeroth. This allows for new storys, heros, villans, and plots. Over all the main go is to take a player Nation/heros in game and split with the astound story that is Warcraft. I'm really looking for some friends to add me then mix and match ideas with. lol i always wanted to write a book but this seems way funner! :)
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