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  1. Nothing nearly so revolutionary. There's a button above the mini-map you can click on to get a visualization of all Artifacts in the game and who owns them. If the Artifact is on the ground, you can instead ping it. No more Artifact hiding! Ideally I will also be bundling this with an item sinking prevention for a better overall experience with important items.
  2. Yup. Using "Exodus to Theramore" as Jaina, which can only be done when the Violet Citadel is lost, will grant Theramore, Kul'tiras and Admiral Proudmoore. It doesn't matter what the alliance setup is in this case.
  3. I really like it, honestly. Second Chances as they stand are in a weird design space where they have to start off quite powerful in order to gain enough of a threshold to survive, which makes keeping them down incredibly annoying for victorious players. If some were required to have an ally they could be much weaker and participate in the primary conflict rather than relying on their underdog status. Perhaps we could see late game conflicts where defeated players congregate into the winning teams, resulting in a larger grand conflict at the end.
  4. In almost all cases the tooltips fixed contained incorrect information. The errors were found based on a report provided by Lunelune. Yup, that's the ideal and I've done it for a few tooltips; Ensnare and Pulverize come to mind. My preference is for (Level x) to be displayed for those abilities. Anything remaining is just because I haven't gotten to it yet.
  5. General Bloodpact has been removed, pending a ground up re-implementation Items will correctly drop upon leaving if they are droppable, in addition to being dropped on death Balance Rexxar's Toughness minimum damage no longer scales with ability level Techtree fixes Arathor Flagship can build Lighthouses and Naval Outposts Frostwolf can only take one caster Path Fel Horde Dragonmaw Clan can train 2 Ancient Black Dragons Burning Legion correctly receives techtree modifications when the Legion is summoned by someone else Icon changes Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros Doomhammer Bug fixes Resolved a reference memory leak that occurred when a unit changed ownership Thunderlizard Diamond correctly displays current ability cooldown Tooltip fixes Footman All Shipyards Barracks Abomination Ghoul Skeleton Archer Frost Wyrm Necromancer Crypt Fel Stalker Acute Senses Mo'arg Constitution Chaos Temple Silver Hand Squire Scarlet Crusader Scarlet Battlemage Tirasian Archer Militia Earth Golem Mage Armor Fleet Commander Blood Mage Spell Breaker Granite Golem Warlock & Fel Warlock Kodo Beast Frostwolf Grunt Tauren Pulverize Warsong Grunt Stonemaul Soldier Archer (Sentinel) Nightblade Huntress Shadowleaf Sentinel Priestess Trapper Keeper of the Grove Goldrinn Aessina Ursoc Explorer Machine Factory Chaplain Swordsman Shattered Hand Executioner Fel Orc Raider Fel Orc Grunt Horde Cavalry Eredar Warlock
  6. Ok, I checked and Dalaran does in fact get Admiral Proudmoore upon taking Theramore, so they don't have the problem. Lordaeron can lose Uther permanently leaving them with only Garithos or Arthas, so we'll take a look at adding a replacement hero for a slain Uther. Ironforge seems to be less of a problem since one can just make sure they take either Aerie Peak or Shadowforge City before they die, but we might look into putting the second chance option there back.
  7. Ok, this is on now on our agenda. Lordsebas will take a look at all permanent summon food costs. I don't think we will be doing anything with workers or heroes.
  8. I agree with the general concept. Playing with 1 hero in the mid to late game sucks and one might as well leave at that point. I don't agree so much on the solution. I think it's very important to have the semantic clarity of being able to equate the base ownership, hero ownership and tech-tree availability together. Tech-tree changes are hard to communicate to players and it only becomes harder if the event which normally gives you a tech-tree change sometimes doesn't. My personal preference (not speaking as an editor; I don't handle balance) would be to just not have those permanent hero death opportunities. Losing Dalaran and Ironforge is intrinsically punishing; I don't think it needs to also push you out of the game entirely, and neither Antonidas nor Magni are disproportionately powerful enough to need that kind of weakness.
  9. I don't think heroes really matter, since the total cost of a player's entire hero pool would never exceed 4. Totally agree with the rest.
  10. This is an experimental release which aims to resolve de-synchronization and instability issues in the map. Play it at your own risk, and if you do, please report any instability you experience. Bug fixes Rise from the Ashes can no longer be triggered multiple times Rise from the Ashes gains Halduron even if previously unlocked for Quel'thalas Removed a catastrophic memory leak that occurred on units taking damage Techtree fixes Ironforge can research Dwarven Dominion Ironforge Fortification Mastery unlocks Sentinel Tower Defend upgrade is no longer required or available Illidari can research Blood Elf Mastery Testing mode Empty slots are no longer automatically removed from the game in testing mode -control command can take the "all" parameter, giving control of all players User can press Escape during intro cinematic to skip it
  11. For technical context that you may already know: damage upgrades in Warcraft 3 increase Damage Number of Dice, not Damage Base. As a result the actual damage increase is dependent on the individual unit's Damage Number of Sides. This inconsistency is good; high damage units should benefit more from upgrades than low damage units. I do agree that all towers should benefit from a research if any do.
  12. That's not intentional. Fixed and added to changelog. Thanks.
  13. General Implemented an advanced testing suite that will be enabled as long as only one human user is in the game Approaching the Barrow Den with the Horn of Cenarius while the Druids are not in the game spawns G'hanir Quel'thalas "Blood Elves" path has been removed Player-owned C'thun now drops Gloves of Ahn'qiraj if it was not already dropped by Neutral Hostile C'thun Surrender cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (from 360) Night Elves United Cenarius dies permanently if he dies while the World Tree is captured by an enemy Incite Unholy Frenzy reverted to pre-1.31 Unholy Frenzy (in order to tackle a potential performance issue) All units are now refunded upon training if their limit is 0 Techtree fixes Rise from the Ashes can train Magus and research Magus Adept Training Rise from the Ashes can train Farstriders Night Elves United can train Keepers of the Grove at Sentinel capitals and Sentinel Enclaves Improved Sails is available to all factions Ironforge and Stormwind can train their Peasants from each-other's capitals Fel Horde Fel Blood Mastery gives Kargath Vampiric Aura Fel Horde Shadowmoon Clan Remnants gives 1 Dimensional Gateway (was 4) All players now share Night Elf Demigod limitations Bug fixes Kel'thuzad can now summon the Burning Legion Kel'thuzad correctly transfers hero experience when taken to the Sunwell as a living Necromancer Night Elves United Malfurion no longer spawns with a copy of G'hanir Night Elves United correctly gives Malfurion to Druids if they haven't acquired him yet Night Elves United correctly gives Maiev to Sentinels if they haven't acquired her yet Night Elves United correctly receives Balance Mastery for free Cenarius is now revivable for Night Elves United (previously unrevivable for former Druids) Sunwell is correctly made vulnerable if approached by any enemy of the current Sunwell owner (was previously only Player 7), or if approached as Neutral Victim Ebon Blade correctly receives Banshee Master Training for free Rise from the Ashes correctly receives Priest Master Training and Sorceress Master Training for free Lady Vashj and C'thun correctly have 13 second build times Unleash Frostmourne level requirement set to 10 (was 1) Players leaving now only causes drop-on-death items to be dropped from their heroes Losing Black Temple no longer gives Shadowmoon Clan Remnants Quest Fixes Burning Legion quest now mentions Fountain of Blood activation delay
  14. General Ebon Blade has Banshee Master Training researched by default Magtheridon can be revived as long as the Black Temple has not been destroyed Seperated "Discord" quest into "Discord" and "Credits" Rise From the Ashes is an independent faction with Maroon colour Central Cannon Tower in Gilneas swapped with a Guard Tower to prevent Gilneas suiciding Tech-tree fixes Rise from the Ashes has Priest Master Training, Sorceress Master Training and Magus Master Training researched by default Illidari no longer has Naga Siren Training; its effects have been merged into the base Siren and Summoner units Illidari can train Draenei after going to Outland Illidari can train Snap Dragons, Sirens, Blood Elf Warriors, Blood Mages and Spell Breakers Illidari can no longer train Elven Warriors Illidari Keeps and Castles no longer have Summon Garrisons or Mana Replenish Fel Horde receives Infernal Juggernauts on destroying Thelsamar and Darkshire Fel Horde Dragonmaw Clan research increases Black Drake limit by 2 (was 6) and Ancient Black Dragon limit by 1 (was 2) Fel Horde can research Ensnare Training Sentinel can buy and use Summon Wisp item Burning Legion can build Nether Roosts Warsong (Bloodpact) cannot research Dark Troll Adept Training Warsong (Bloodpact) can train Blademasters Warsong Blademasters no longer have Thunderclap Lordaeron can research Ensnare Training Bug fixes Jaina's Exodus no longer causes the loss of Dalaran's Alliance Center Fel Horde Demon Gates no longer function post-spawn Scourge's Kel'thuzad (Lich) correctly retains experience from Necromancer stage Scourge's Kel'thuzad (Ghost) is now refunded when Scourge leaves Scourge no longer has vision of Northrend upon losing the Scourge faction Both sides of the Deeprun Tram are given to Ironforge if Stormwind is not in the game Night Elves United causes Cenarus to be revived when used by Druids Maiev does not spawn if Sentinels are not in the game Malfurion does not awaken if Druids are not in the game Illidan can be freed if Califax is slain by any ally of the Sentinels, and only if the Sentinels are in the game Lady Liadrin has a female voice (was male) Surrendering now enables Second Chance Paths Being part of a solo team now enables Second Chance Paths Dalaran's Path of Steel does not cause Mastery Building to become hostile Incompatible researches no longer disable the actual researched research Ebon Blade Path is no longer disabled when changing faction from Scourge Ebon Blade units are categorized as Undead Helm of Domination spawns when the Frozen Throne is destroyed as a non-Scourge unit Bloodpact no longer affects Warsong or Frostwolf if those factions do not exist Becoming an observer after surrendering correctly displays player name Players should now show their last used colour in the end-game screen Fixed a minor memory leak in Unleash Frostmourne Core upgrades no longer transfer with unit ownership Mastery buildings no longer have mana Tooltip fixes Varimathras' Doom Lich King's Unleash Frostmourne Lordaeron Crown Shalamanye Crown of Stormwind Demon Soul Fragments Boots of Speed Thunderlizard Diamond Fandral's Flamescythe Skull of Gul'dan Scepter of the Queen Verdant Sphere Ancient Hydra's Multi-shot Illidari Monster Taming Mastery Drak'khan Drathir event Druid of the Growth Adept Training Icon fixes Legion Chaos Infusion has an active icon Overlord's Endurance Aura has a passive icon Quest fixes Dalaran and Lordaeron quests no longer mention Turn 19 Illidari Quel'thalas quest no longer mentions a weaker Illidari option Stormwind quest no longer mentions Elite Paths Frostwolf and Warsong quests no longer mention reverting the Bloodpact
  15. General Observer camera update period changed from 30 to 60 seconds Bug fixes Kel'thuzad only becomes a ghost if he dies to a member of the North Alliance team Player 0 is not destroyed when an observer leaves the game Fel Horde has access to Pillage on Fel Orc Grunts and Fel Orc Raiders Fel Horde can train Eredar Elder Warlocks Burning Legion can construct Demon Gates Sally Whitemane has the Undead classification Azeroth wars LR 2.10b.w3x
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