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  1. I did commit we can't change the past and if we did our future wouldn't be the same. They call me b+ cause i can't get an A. Also 18 is a fair age of consent but honestly i like a girl that has a clue at what she is doing not trying to fuck virgins honestly or deal with the mental bullshit. I'll take my girls at like 23/24+ minimum B+
  2. I aspire to a lot of things yes, but i don't know a lot about a lot, i know a little bit about a little bit. I read about it briefly and i think it led Russian civil war and into the future of the soviet union. I think that no matter what happened historically, i think it led to where we are today. Another way to think about it is if it came out different our lives would be different, The real question is would we know the difference if it did? I guess you can say my stance is everything that's happened has brought us to this moment if the circumstances changed scientifically then who knows where we would be. B+
  3. Hey everyone, My name is Benny aka B+ aka Baldo on discord and just a little bit about me self. I'm an aspiring everything. Junior in school for electronical engineering, unsuccessful rapper and producer. Here's a link to music, my music theory sucks btw. Find me in gta v eviscerating my enemies. Benny
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