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    I live in Vegas... I promote clubs now We could do a DiploCon in Vegas for super cheap
  2. Literally... don't update the map from 1.91a Make a new map kids. You're not going to make it a better game mechanically than 1.91a, I promise. You've done all you can, your watch is over.
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    15 minutes after this picture was taken that guy tries to bring cocaine into a nightclub and gets pounded... by the long dick of the law
  4. Pussalius

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    That is a super relevant question.... Center back with the lady friend
  5. "Editing is a thankless job" If you shit the bed with it it's a thankless job, I'd agree. It's like that with anything in the world.
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    [ATTACH=full]5251[/ATTACH] I guess I've been gone for a while
  7. Take it back to the previous version until someone unfucks the mechanics of 1.91b. From a Kali standpoint 1.91a was as mechanically perfect as it's ever been. I've been playing this map since 2009. The Kali fight is fucked now. I don't know why a rollback to 1.91a is a crazy notion, at least host it on ENT until you guys come to jesus and figure your shit out. It's just as stable. Ever since 1.91b roll out I've never had as many critical errors.
  8. Oh hey guys... guess who still hasn't unfucked the map Way to go dev team... clap clap clap
  9. Coup Eat Dick 2016 secretly conducts a series of suicide bombings across diplo, instilling fear in the population towards refugees from the AWLR section.
  10. .... Its gonna be a roll back to 1.91a right? Because that's literally the only way you'll unfuck this biz. I have never gotten so many critical errors, crashes, issues with pathing. You guys need to unfuck the hotkeys too. Every time I kill Maive (which is straight away unless I need her as a scroll Mule) she takes up the hotkeys for whisps.... which is fucking obnoxious I don't really understand why the hotkeys are not QWER on the ancient of war. I assume hotkeys and pathing are fucked for the other races too. Also.... LB archers are OP as fuck. I'm not one to complain about the OPness of LB but dude it's a little insane.
  11. If the editors were trying they wouldn't have made those lazy ass map changes to Kali. They literally just took old designs of areas in Kali and were like "lol looks good". You guys shit the bed so bad on this one, fucking horrible. Shit was lazy. All I want to do is bitch and moan about the rape of the only reason I still play wc3, let it happen.
  12. Still puss. Not xenn. Someone unfuck this shit, por favor.
  13. Undo everything you just did and you'll have done as much good as you could have fellas.
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