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  1. Hmmm...middle class aren't living comfortably and living off of credit cards to be socially acceptable via social media? Having a $7.25 per hour minimum wage? People can't afford to even cover rent. And even if they double the minimum wage, it's still completely out of hand and no single person can afford to be comfortable.
  2. jayhana


    Is this fake news?
  3. jayhana


  4. Stalagg has a high population. Their discord poll has 2100 responses. 51% horde, 46% alliance. 97% English.
  5. Cniper recruited me from facebook. I'm probably the noobest. The end
  6. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    @War4life I dont know what your comment is supposed to mean. You should just be happy I grace you with my presence.
  7. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    Yall are weird
  8. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    Unfortunately, I have no idea who everyone is so I dont get your jokes
  9. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    @War4life what do you want to know? Should I do a bio?
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