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  1. jayhana

  2. Cniper recruited me from facebook. I'm probably the noobest. The end
  3. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    @War4life I dont know what your comment is supposed to mean. You should just be happy I grace you with my presence.
  4. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    Yall are weird
  5. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    Unfortunately, I have no idea who everyone is so I dont get your jokes
  6. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    @War4life what do you want to know? Should I do a bio?
  7. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    She's just a small town girl livin in a lonely world
  8. jayhana

    Ask Diplo

    What happens when you try elsewhere?
  9. jayhana

    Picture of You

    John Lennon fo sho
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